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5 Wishes a Day

A lot of players have been playing various neighborhoods in Sims 2 with the 5 wishes a day "challenge" ASimWen introduced and I have been interested in playing it for awhile.  I also have been very interested in the idea of having a megahood.  One hood where all other premade hoods are added together to form one gigantic hood.  I've seen blogs about megahoods and have thought, while a lot of work, it would be SO MUCH FUN!

So enter Megalahood.  :)  I have taken the uber hood or megahood template from and using the instructions have created a massive hood with Belladonna Cove as the main hood and the rest (Pleasantview, Strangtown, etc) as shopping districts.  I also have added all three vacation spots and all 3 universities.

I went through and added all the families from the sim bins into each hood so that all premade families are to be played.  Then I came up with a play order.  I won't give you all the families, but my hood play order will be as follows. (A minor change has been made, I am splitting the universities throughout the rounds, so they aren't all played at once):

1. Belladonna Cove
2. Desiderata Valley
3. Uni - Academia La Tour
4. Riverblossom Hills
5. Veronaville
6. Strangetown
7. Uni - Sim State University
8. Pleasantview
9. Bluewater Village
10. Uni - La Fiesta Tech
11. Downtown

Each hood and each family will be played by basic prosperity style rules.  Such as:
- Each house played for the same amount of time (one full season, or 2 "years" of uni)
- Roll for aspiration and turn on/turn offs for each sim

Some rules I won't worry too much about, such as moving to new houses as needed, and I will be using the weather orb thing to keep seasons matched throughout the entire hood.  Obviously, my goal for each member of each family is to have them meet 5 wishes each day.  I have also come up with the following "rules" for myself.

1. When a sim moves out or graduates from Uni a random number between 1 and 8 will be picked.  That will be the neighborhood they move into (unless they are an heir which means they will move back home)

2. If a sim wishes to go to uni (and it stays, marking it as a truly held wish) a die will be rolled for which uni they will attend. A 1 or 4 sends the sim to Academia La Tour, 2 or 5 they go to Sim State and a 3 or 6 they go to La Fiesta.  This way the sims from all the neighborhoods get mixed up throughout the different unis if they go.

3. Phone calls, whenever possible, must be answered and accepted (unless the person isn't at home)

4. When WooHoo wishes roll up every attempt must be made to accept it.  (I am using Risky)

5. Wishes fulfilled while on a date do not count towards 5 wishes (this should keep me from being tempted to use a date to fulfill wishes.) AMENDMENT (10/19) After reading through ASimWen's latest posts I have decided to handle this slightly differently.  I still won't be counting wishes, but I also won't be actively pursuing wishes while on a date.  If they manage to do them on their own I will count them as meeting a wish for the day, but I won't try to reach any wishes if a sim is on a date.

6. Secondary Aspiration will be picked first, then the primary aspiration track will be filled, followed by secondary and then the rest as I want.

7. When invited on an outing, always go.

8. NEW RULE (5/18) If a sim is in a Greek House they will pay "dues" to the greek house.  The first 2 semesters they live in the greek house all their money goes to it.  After that, they get to keep 1/2 in the form of a painting they carry in their backpack.  For students in dorms (or regular houses), they will just pay 1/2 for the "room and board" every semester and get to keep the other half.  (This way the greek houses, and the dorms have some cash to use for future students, updates, etc.)

9. NEW RULE (5/18) When a sim goes to college they will either (because this is wished) get the degree they wish for, OR, if that doesn't happen by the end of the first semester their Sophomore year we will roll for one.  If they have a job LTW we will randomly choose one that is good for that job, otherwise, I will just use a random number generator to choose which of the 11 they will get. (This won't affect students who start in uni as I believe they all already have a major declared unless they are a dormie.

10. NEW RULE (10/19) While I have sort of been playing this way I am going to make it an official rule. I will not direct a sim to do anything unless it is wished for (or moving towards meeting a wish) outside of things like getting the mail/paying the bills that they won't do autonomously or won't ever wish for. As hinted at above, I will intercede/direct if it helps get closer to a wish for some other sims. For example, if a parent wants their kid to be on the honor roll, I will direct the child to do homework (or have the parent help with homework) in order to get their grades up, even if the child doesn't wish to their homework themselves.

I'm sure I will adjust, add and remove these as I play and find what works and what doesn't.  I might make marriage wishes a requirement to fulfill as well, but we'll see what happens.  :)

This blog will NOT be updated regularly.  I am going to use this hood and style of play as a "refresher" when I'm starting to get tired of traditional prosperity play in my two prosperity hoods Breeze Point and Fellowship One (edit make that 3 hoods with Clovercrest.)  These hoods will take precedence if I'm in the mood to play, but if I just want something open, fun and different I'll play here and update as I go.  I won't abandon this project, but until I finish up the prosperity hoods it will take a back seat.

I'm super excited to play families I have never, or very infrequently, played with and see where their wishes guide me.  It's a huge undertaking as I discovered there are 67 families (not including uni sims) in the hoods, but should be a lot of fun. If you have any questions please ask!  Enjoy!


  1. Can't wait to read another one of your blogs! I don't count the 'date' wishes either, unless I'm really desparate, heh. I do love the idea of you choosing which hood to put Grads back into. I played a Megahood a few years ago and loved it.
    Looking forward to reading the adventures. :)

    1. Thanks. I hope I update it enough, but it probably will be a very slow process. I do want to get done with my prosperities. lol

  2. What a grand idea...I never thought to have the Sims roll for *Uni Anything*. I have all three Universities installed in my game right now but I am using Academia La Tour for 5 Wishes. I too started the megahood long ago, but it is currently sleeping with Prosperity Falls on a back up drive on my home network. Hmm....hehehe!

    1. Thanks. :) I really wanted to use ALL the premade sims, which meant all the uni ones too, and I really wanted to mix them up with sims not from their "neighborhood" (even though they are going to be doing that a bit on their own anyway), so I thought, rolling for it! :) Also, that way I hope I don't over populate my hoods as they move on too. :)

  3. Wow...67 families...I'm in awe...this will be fun to see evolve! Thanks for undertaking such a huge project and offering to share!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, sorry it took me so long to respond. lol It's been fun so far, but this will be slow. It's going to by my "break" from my prosperity hoods.

  4. Hello! I've come across your blog through someone else's Sims2 blog. My own megahood, containing ALL Maxis-made families and Sims, as well as ALL Maxis-made lots and houses, is called New Maximiliania, and I started playing it in 2008. Only recently, I have started to move the stories I originally wrote in storytelling mode and used to upload to the Sims2 Exchange to a blog, and I am continuously adding to it both old and new stories as I play each household for one Sim week in the alphabetical order of their surnames.

    1. Awesome to have another megahood player to read stories of. :) I didn't use all the maxis made houses/lots, unless they were occupied (I think. lol) The setup took awhile, but I'm pretty sure I got everyone and it's been really fun. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Chrissy. I play off and on so infrequently anymore I just try and play what type of play I feel like. I am STILL trying to finish up university for the Fellowship One, but I did get quite a bit done on it the other day, so it was time for a break with these guys. I hope you are able to enjoy. :)

  6. Like the rules incorporated for the Megalahood!

    1. Thanks Wen, they have been fun to work with. It does make me play differently for sure.