Monday, October 1, 2012

Round 1: Rutherford (Season 1: Fall)

Rutherford/Weir Household:

Geoff Rutherford: Romance/Popularity  |  LTW: Become Celebrity Chef  |  First Wishes: Meet someone new, WooHoo in Closet, WooHoo, Flirt.  |  Fulfilled first: Meet Someone New

Connor Weir: Family/Fortune  |  LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren  |  Flirt, Gain Cooking/Cleaning Skill, Meet someone New |  Fulfilled first: Gain Cooking Skill


Geoff and Connor were happy for the welcome wagon and random walk by sims.  Geoff especially started liking one girl right away.  I cannot remember her name right the moment but they hit it off well and he used her to get many romantic wishes met.

Pretty soon, before the evening was done she was quite smitten with Geoff and had a big crush on him.

Someone wanted to throw a party....I think it was Geoff and so friends and family were brought over.  Connor was wishing for someone to be romantic with and invited over his highest match, Samantha Cordial.

After just a bit of talking and some flirting they shared their first kiss, fulfilling wishes for them both.  They were now deeply in love.

After that kiss Connor wanted to get married to Samantha.  I thought they were a good match and due to determining if I want to always fulfill this wish or now I decided to make it official.  Samantha moves in and wants to go on vacation, dance/flirt and give a back rub to Connor.  They have a nice little dance.

During the small nuptials happening in one area of the house Geoff also got his first kiss, fulfill a wish in the process.

In yet another room of the house we had another couple autonomously falling in love as well.  Samantha Cordial's twin sister, Kimberly, was causing Carlos Contender to fall in love with her.

Geoff, ever the romance sim, is wanting to make out and woohoo with 3 people, but he only knows one girl so far.  When Elizabeth Aspir came around he met her and they hit it off well.  Elizabeth is actually married and living in Desiderata Valley.

Geoff was invited on an outing, which, of course he took....especially since I accidentally canceled out of one right before, ignoring my own rules.  There he meets a few more girls to start getting a good relationship with for later.

Connor is doing well in his job and brings home Consort Capp.  It's fun to see all these sims interacting together.  Connor wants to be good friends with Consort.

Connor wanted to get a bird cage and then play with a bird, so they got one.  I don't remember what they named him and he didn't stay around very long.  The bird got out, error, caused all kinds of strange problems in the house and ended up getting deleted.

Samantha was busy doing things like skilling, but she also wanted to play and talk with her sister Kimberly a lot.  We hadn't even played these guys yet and Kimberly was suddenly left alone.


Geoff, really wanting a second woohoo/make out invites Elizabeth over and finds she is a willing participate.  They never Woohoo, but have certainly worked the relationship to the point where they will soon I'm sure.


Geoff: Was a little difficult because he wanted to woohoo a lot, but with multiple people.  Just woohoo was easy to reach with his one lover, but he's been working on being loves with more so he can reach those multiple wants.  He spent most of the time wanting 3 Makeouts or Woohoo which haven't been reached yet.
Ending Wishes: WooHoo, WooHoo/Make Out with 3 Different Sims, Flirt

Connor: Started out nice and easy, and then became ANNOYING!  He has had the same 4 wishes for about 3 days.  Nothing seems to change them.  None are things I can do much about either, so he hasn't been making 5 wishes a day.  He usually starts the day wanting to go to work, and then spins into the same 4 wishes.
Ending Wishes: Have a baby, Earn $9000, Be BF with Tyson/Consort

Samantha: A very easy sim to keep happy. She is a knowledge sim and wants to skill skill skill.  She also wants to serve food every morning, and learn to make different foods.  She was the sim who achieved 5 wishes consistently this round.
Ending Wishes: Be saved from death, Reach Creativity level 5, See a ghost, Buy a Bass