Thursday, January 29, 2015

Round 1: Contrary (Season 1: Fall)

Contrary Household: 

Edward Contrary: Knowledge/Family  |  LTW: Become a City Planner |  First Wishes: Rick Gets A+ Report Card, Rick is an Overachiever, Talk to Opal (Contrary), Dance with Opal (Contrary)  |  First Fulfilled: Talk to Opal (Contrary)

Opal Contrary: Knowledge/Grilled Cheese  |  LTW: Become a City Planner  |  First Wishes: Rick Gets A+ Report Card, Rick is an Overachiever, Have a Baby (Locked), Get a Bronze Sewing Talent Badge |  First Fulfilled: Gain a Skill Point

Rick Contrary: Fortune/Romance  |  LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer  |  First Wishes: Earn Some Money, Earn $100, Get Into Private School,  Get a Bronze Sewing Talent Badge |  First Fulfilled: Earn Some Money


This is an interesting family to play, and they are VERY broken as a family.  A family divided.  No one has good relationships with each other, although they all have very familial type wishes being thrown early so maybe there is a chance.

To start Edward wanted to talk to Opal, but Opal didn't have any desire to talk back to him.  Rick meanwhile called the headmaster because he wanted into private school.

Then, probably to get away from the fighting inside, Rick went out and invited in a passer-by.  I don't think he was with the welcome wagon.

Things had calmed down inside when the welcome wagon did come and the family and one of the greeters sat down to lunch.

Rick greeted the headmaster and brought him into the house to show him around.  Someone cooked food, although I don't remember who now.  I do remember they got invited out during dinner and so they all went.

It was a pretty large group but the family didn't stay overly long at the outing.

Rick managed to get in Private School even with everyone leaving the headmaster alone for awhile. When Rick came home from school the next day he wanted to ask him mom for help with homework.  She held the wish to help Rick with his homework, but their relationship was so bad neither was willing to accept the others invitation.  After a lot of talking and joking they managed to get out of the negative and be willing to help/be helped with the homework.

Edward received a chance at work and made a bad decision.  He was demoted, but at least not fired.  When he came home he wasn't too torn up about it.  Most of the rest of the day he spent skilling.

While waiting for Opal to join them Edward and Rick managed to have a pleasant conversation.  Rick is still in the negative with his dad, but very close to gaining a positive relationship soon

Rick came home the next day and REALLY wished for a date, so he greeted Ophelia Nigmos and they had a small date.  It only went up to ok. (I had a broken custom content that was keeping Opal (and only Opal) from gaining cooking with the TV.  When I took it out the date was ended everything was somewhat reset.)

Rick and Opal have gotten their relationship on track and have both been wishing for a baby.  We'll have to see if risky provides them with one, but it's locked in for now.

This is what most of the time at this house actually looks like.  Building wishes for knowledge sims is pretty easy in theory....of course they keep holding on to wishes like be saved from death and see a ghost which make them a little difficult but still skill based for the most part.

Rick discovers his favorite activity is in Sports.  Since he wants to gain a skill he shoots some hoops.

Opal at one point had a bad chance card and got fired.  There still have been no Architecture jobs in the paper, so she took a job in Dance.  After her second day she came running from the car pool....

Edward, wanting to gain any skill point, and needing body for his job came out and played with the basketball hoop as well.

Opal has spent so much time gaining cooking skills she can mow visit the Culinary hobby lot.

That next morning, the end of the first fall (there are two falls in Desiderta Valley) Opal wakes up and "pops".  Both Edward and Opal have wishes for a baby locked in so next round they will get an easy wish.



Edward: This guy was hard.  With no one in the family getting along in the beginning wishes were hard to come by.  Then he got into skilling and took off for a day.  Then he didn't switch up what skills he wanted and so it took longer and longer to gain them.  He didn't have enough points until late in the round to get the thinking cap so he slowed again.
Ending Wishes: Be Saved from Death, Rick Gets Scholarship, Have a Baby (Locked), Reach Body Level 5

Opal: She was NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to get wishes fulfilled for.  Either it was attainable at that moment, or the relationship wasn't good enough or she was too tired, or to unhappy about something.  One of the most frustrating sims I've ever played.  By the end of the week she had finally found her stride and we started getting wishes left and right.
Ending Wishes: Be Saved from Death, Reach Cooking Level 8, Have a Baby (Locked), Rick Gets Scholarship

Rick::  The easiest, by far, sim to keep happy in this house.  His fun tanked all the time, but he was earning wishes like crazy, except for a couple of days when he was so miserable he wouldn't do any of the things that would fulfill wishes, and they had no money to buy any of the things he wanted.  He did get into a routine though of waking up and giving financial counseling (which fulfilled a Make some Money wish he had daily) and then be set to gain more after school.
Ending Wishes: Go to College, Buy a Drum Kit, Buy a Car, Go to Work

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Round 1: Kat (Season 1: Fall)

Kat Household: 
Tara Kat: Family/Popularity  |  LTW: Marry Off 6 Children  |  First Wishes: Be Friends with Samantha (cat), Be Friends with Mickey (cat), Meet Someone New, Flirt  |  First Fulfilled: Be Friends with Samantha

So I played this round a really long time ago and never realized that I hadn't blogged it.  I'm excited because it means I have a blog post to share after far too long, but I'm going to be kind of winging in in regards to what happened.  Hopefully between my notes and pictures I can work it out. :)

Tara is a sim with 3 cats, Mickey, Samantha, and Faline.  Since she wished to be friends with both Mickey and Samantha she started by interacting with the cats.  I believe this is Samantha, who she had the highest relationship with and became friends with easily.

As always happens with a "new" household someone invited Tara to go on an outing.  Since in Megalahood we ALWAYS except these offers she went downtown at the invitation of John Mole.  There were many other people there including our last house, Nathasha Una.

The ladies of the group went straight to the poker table and started getting to know each other.  They were having a good time, but Tara didn't stay too long.  She was tired after a long day of become friends with her cats.

Before leaving for home, however, Tara ran into Cyd Roseland, who we will be playing much later in the round.  He is also an animal lover, owning a dog I believe.  They talk for a bit and then Tara heads home.

The next day Tara had people over, including Cyd and they got to know each other better.  She does want to marry off 6 kids, so she's going to need a husband, or lots of money to adopt them all.

Ah, yes, there, that's Cyd's dog.  Tara did invite them both over so she could meet the dog and try and flirt a little with Cyd.

I am about 98% sure she wished for the flirt with Cyd and I happily accepted.  He's from the neighborhood....sort of, and it would help shrink the massive Megalahood at least a little.

The flirt worked and we had a crush on Cyd's end.  I cannot for the life of me remember if she felt the same yet, or if they were just getting high up in the relationship points.

Tara then met Jill Fleig who proposed a blind date.  Things were going decent with Cyd, but Tara can't wait too long to make a move and other than flirting hasn't really wanted much more to do with him so we gave it a shot.

A townie....of course, fell from the sky.  My notes say this is Jason Vu.

Things went well on the date and Tara had a wish to kiss Jason.  He is a 3-bolt match and as every simmer knows those are VERY hard to pass up.  However, after the kiss she didn't wish to have any other romantic interactions with him.

Cyd came back into her life, although no serious relationship wishes for him either.  I'm hoping when we get to his house he might wish a little more for her and possibly have this happen.  This house is crazy small anyway so I wouldn't mind her moving.

Tara started throwing a lot of popularity sim type wishes and wanted to throw parties.  She is getting to be friends with many of the residents of Megalahood and has pretty good parties.

One of the kittens grew up....I THINK this is Faline, but I could be wrong.  It's a pretty kitty either way.

Tara's popularity sim wishes continued with constant wishes to meet someone new, so we spent a lot of time greeting people and going to community lots.

At some point she wished to study Anger Management, it looks like, so I let her.  I'm not sure if she's expecting to be angry in the future, or what but I thought it was sort of interesting.  I don't think any is mad at her, or that she is mad at anyone else.

Back to meeting new people most simmers will recognize this passer-by who Tara ran out to greet.



Tara: Mostly had pop sim type wishes.  Meet new people, be bf's, be bff's, throw parties.  She did have the two guys she was interacting with, but other than wishing for the kiss with Jason hasn't wished for anything further with either Jason or Cyd.  We'll just have to see what happens when we get to Cyd's house, or what the next round brings.
Ending Wishes: Have a Good Reputation, Be BFF with Cynthia (Kim), Be BFF with Natasha (Una), Have 5 Best Friends

Overall Tara was very successful at her wishes this round.  The first day was a little hard because she didn't know enough people, or have high enough relationships with the cats to make wishes easy to reach.  After that first day though things went much better.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Time Off

Hello all,

I wanted to post a quick message here and I am still alive and am still playing Sims 2.  I had taken a bit of a break from the game for awhile, and then with all of the holiday stuff didn't have a lot of time to devote.  Right after the holidays my very faithful laptop, where I do all my playing, decided it was time for it to die.

I now have a new laptop and was very apprehensive about trying to get Sims 2 to work on it.  I went through and installed the base game and it started up without a problem.  So I decided to try and install it all and see how it went.  Everything is now set up and seems to be running correctly.  I will probably play a couple things in a non-set up and loved neighborhood just to make sure nothing breaks, but so far it looks like I might be able to get back to playing and blogging soon.

Stay tuned!