Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Round 1: Bell (Season 1: Fall)

Bell Household:

Hannah Bell: Family/Romance  |  LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer  |  First Wishes: Flirt with Issac (Bell), Obtain a Pet, Dance with Issac (Bell), Talk to Issac (Bell)  |  First Fulfilled: Obtain a Pet

Issac Bell: Popularity/Fortune  |  LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer  |  First Wishes: Obtain a Pet, Have a Party, Entertain, Earn $100  |  First Fulfilled: Obtain a Pet

Sharon Wirth: Romance/Knowledge  |  LTW: Become Prestidigitator  |  First Wishes: Be BFF with John (Mole), Have 2 Loves at Once, Gain a Skill Point, Flirt with Zeeshan  |  First Fulfilled: Gain a Skill Point

Daniel Bell: Child  |  First Wishes: Obtain a Pet, Play with Julien (Cooke), Be Friends with Madeleine (Greaves), Be Friends with Julien (Cooke)  |  First Fulfilled: Obtain a Pet


We start the round at the Bells with everyone but Sharon wishing to obtain a pet, so they head to the pet store and decide to pick up a couple of cats  Maybe they will have kittens and we can start a pool of kittens for the inevitable raise puppies/kitties wants from others.

The kitties are a big hit with Issac and Daniel.  After returning home they both wished for things regarding the cats.  There is a scottish fold male named Neil, and then a tuxedo female we named Diamond.

Currently Sharon and Hannah are in the dance field, although it's not Sharon's dream to stay there they work on some body skills, fulfilling some wants in the process.

Issac, the popularity sim, always is wanting to throw parties and meet people, so he is happy to great the welcome wagon.  Sharon gets to know one of the Cordial sisters, although I can't remember which one this is currently.

He also starts to become friends with Herbert Goodie.  Herbert's wife Faith is also a part of the welcome wagon.

Issac still wants to throw a party so he invites everyone he is closest two.  This included the entire Aspir family.  If you remember from their update, there was a bit of drama when a love triangle emerged between Luis and his son Victor for Elizabeth's affections.

Sure enough, the party was in full swing and going well when I hear the sounds of jealousy.  Out to the porch I go in time to see Victor slapping his father.  I take it Luis and Elizabeth interacted in some romantic way.

With that interaction love is gone in the Aspir's marriage for now.  We have a long way to go before we get back to this family so time will tell what happens before then, but I have a feeling it will be tumultuous at best.

Hannah often wants to dance with someone, and Issac is always game to dance with her.  These two are relatively easy to met wishes for most of the time.  They each have a day or two that they don't want to reach anything, but early on it was easy.

Hannah did set the kitchen on fire, but they have a fire alarm so the fireman was there to assist in no time and no damage was done....other than to the comfort soup she was mixing up.

Daniel is mostly an easy kid.  He's already in private school, makes friends pretty easily, and always wants to play with, praise or teach the cats.  He brought a friend home from school and they spent some time playing together.

Sharon has been pretty easy as well, but she seems to have mostly forgotten she is a romance sim first.  The fall and secondary knowledge has made her a skilling machine. John Mole did call and invite her on a date however, and since we always try and answer the phone, and accept every invitation she went.  They had a decent time, but Sharon was pretty tied and ended the date somewhat early.

Issac and Hannah have had lots of time together as well, and we get the first hint that another Bell may be on the way.  This is about 1/2 way through the season so we will get to meet the baby before the season, and round, is done. 

Everyone here always wants to talk about their hobbies, and it has caused the sisters to become best friends.  They share quite a bit, and help each other meet wishes frequently.

We have confirmed a new Bell is on the way when Hannah has her first "pop" to start showing a bit of a baby bump.

The cats are still here, and mostly get along.  They had a pretty high relationship and then something happened to drop it on Neil's end again.  We still hope eventually there will be kittens.  Neil is a very good cat and calm.  He watches Sharon exorcise.  He followed her to the different equipment and just watched.  I had never see a cat watch like that.  (He didn't even want something, it literally said Watch..."

Sharon does always have her sister around to talk about her hobby with, but luckily Issac is around and willing to share his thoughts about the same hobby.  This whole family is growing closer by the day.

Towards the end of the season we have a birth on the way.  Hannah wakes up from a nap with the first pains of labor.

 We get notice that the Bell's actually will have TWO (2) new babies.  Twins were born Friday, September 15, 2005 (day 5) at 4:56 PM.  There is a boy and a girl and they are named from the BC Pop list.  Intoducing Isabella and Mason
The very happy Issac decides to hold a party to celebrate his babies birth and everyone he can think of is invited, except for at least part of the Aspir clan.  We don't need drama today. 

The party is a lot of fun, and multiple pillow fights happen.  Mary Gavigan and Faith Goodie also just talk at the table.  It was a good party.

Right at the end of the season/round Daniel Bell grows up into a teenager in his room.  It is redecorated to better suit his new age and we found out that he is Family/Grilled Cheese sim and has the desire to become a Prestidigitator just like his aunt. He likes brown haired vampires, as long as they don't have glasses.



Hannah: Was really easy to keep happy for a couple of the early days.  Then she became pregnant and was nearly impossible.  She nearly starved to death a couple of times, and was never in a good enough mood to do much.  Hopefully the babies being born will help next round.
Ending Wishes: Ask Sim on Date, Dance with Someone, Talk About Hobby, Play Modular Synth

Issac: The easiest adult to keep happy.  Being a pop sim he was frequently wanting to talk to people and be friends.  He also had a lot of  fortune wishes from his secondary and that helped as well.  He did eventually get into the dance career and is on his way.
Ending Wishes: Buy a Car, Daniel Gets Scholarship, Talk About Hobby, Command Neil to Speak

Sharon: Almost exclusively wanted skills, which was fairly easy, but she struggled at the beginning and end of the week.  Never did find a job in her desired career.  Spent so much time keeping Hannah alive I wasn't able to focus as much on her as I would have liked.
Ending Wishes: Ask Sim on Date, Talk About Hobby, Dance with Someone, Play Modular Synth

Daniel: Easiest sim to keep happy this round.  Came over every day with a wish to get a skill, or make a friend.  Woke up every morning wanting to do homework, get an A+ and play with the cats.  He is a teenager now, so the wishes will probably change quite a bit and we'll see what happens.
Ending Wishes: Get A+ Report Card, Meet Someone New, Flirt, Have Very First Kiss

Issabella/Mason: Still babies so they were pretty easy to take care of.  Everyone loves to come feed the babies as most simmers know.  Hopefully having 3 adults and a teenager will make taking care of the twins a bit easier.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Round 1: Cooke (Season 1: Fall)

Cooke Household:

Julien Cooke: Popularity/Family  |  LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends  |  First Wishes: Meet Someone New, Entertain, Talk, Play With  |  First Fulfilled: Meet Someone New


Since Julien's initial wish is to meet new people he talks to the paper girl a little when she comes to drop off his paper.

He then greets the welcome wagon members just to have more people to call up and talk to.  He really doesn't know a lot of people and it's going to take awhile to build up all those friendships for his LTW.

The welcome wagon the welcome wagon consists of two members of the Bell family, who is next, and the Traveler's family is also represented.

The first day was easy to get wishes, but the second day he only wanted friends with people he had no relationship with except Mr. Bell, so the family is invited over after talking on the phone for a bit.  Their relationship on Julien's side is at 100 daily, and still no friendship.  He spent all day on this relationship and had to go to work with only meeting a single wish.

The next day after meeting some general wishes about food and skills he brings home Madeleine Greaves with him after work.  They are friendly and are able to become friends easily.

Cynthia Kim is also here, and I can't remember if he invited her in, or if she just invited herself, but they all hang out for awhile.

After everyone leaves Julien gets a phone call, which we answer since we have to try and answer every call here in Megalahood.  It's Cynthia Kim, and he is ready to go.  So they head to the ever popular location for some poker.

Julien sits down with Madeleine, who is also on this outing, Cynthia Kim and someone else who came with them that I don't remember the name of.

Julien started wanting to throw parties, so we threw a party and invited almost everyone he knows.  Most of them came, and while it was really rocky for a bit, it turned out good.

The TV is popular during parties, and Julien is slowly growing up friendships so he can start reaching those "friend" wishes.

Suddenly, during a party Madeleine goes over and flirts with Julien, all on her own.  He accepts, and they have a crush.  She has no attraction bolts to Julien though, so this isn't likely to last.

The next day Julien really wants friends, and the closest person is Elle Lum.  They talk on the phone most of the morning, and by the afternoon accepts an invitation over.  Once she is at the house Julien throws all kinds of wishes for interactions with her, but nothing romantic.  Shes doesn't have any bolts either.

The next to last day of the round Julien is not having much luck with wishes, so we take him to a coffee spot to meet some new people.  It does the trick and he makes his wishes easily once he gets home.

During another party Julien greets this passerby, Rose Dai and she wants to set him up on a blind date.  We accept everything we can here in Megalahood and so he accepts and in drops Alexandra Teatherton, who I don't know, but she is currently in Riverblossom Hills where she has a daughter who lives with an ex-husband.

After a few interaction, in which we discover they are 3-bolts hot....at least on his end.  This might be a very good match for Julien.  They head inside, and we get Madeleine's "you are cheating on me" tantrum.

It doesn't stop the date, and soon Julien and Alexandra are crushes as well.  This is the last day of the season, so unless Julien suddenly wishes for her to move in we'll have to wait until Alexandra's entry to see if anything happens.

The date ends Good, as does the party and Madeleine comes to kick over the trashcan.


Julien: Other than the second day Julien was pretty easy to keep happy.  He wanted to serve a lot of food, so he needs a family soon.  His fridge is stocked with leftovers, which is handy for all the parties he wants to throw.  Not an overly interesting round until he met Alexandra, but it was the final day, so I'm interested what sorts of things she wishes for when we get to her.
Ending Wishes: Be Friends with Antonio, Be Friends with Renee, Be Best Friends with Alexandra (Teatherton), Meet Someone New

Monday, February 2, 2015

Round 1: Mole (Season 1: Fall)

Mole Household: 

John Mole: Popularity/Pleasure  |  LTW: Become a City Planner |  First Wishes: Have a Party, Play with Pauline (Aspir), Be Friends with Pauling (Aspir), Go Swimming  |  First Fulfilled: Go Swimming


John's initial wish is to go swimming.  Since he has a swimming pool this is quickly met with a nice belly flop....err....fresh dip in the pool.

Then John wants to throw a party.  He is interested in dating, but doesn't have too many people he is actually interested in.  He invites over everyone he has a decent relationship with and most of them come.

He dances with his crush Sharon Wirth, however, she is a Romance sim and he knows she's not really good for him.

During her update, John met Natasha Una and they become best friends, fulfilling wishes for him.

Then, as has become very custom for that first night, John get invited to an outing by Hannah Bell.  She must be some sort of community out reach person since the last two houses have received her invite.

There are a lot of town sims there that night and John tried to meet most of them.  He does want to have a million friends, that's what popularity sims want. Of all the gitls he met, however, no one is very attractive to him.

Then the drama from the last house spills into this one.  No one is upset about any sort of cheating, but the father/son relationship between Luis and Victor is so damaged they just start slapping each other right at the bar.

John doesn't stay around much after that and goes home to read about Tinkering, his hobby preference of choice.

He manages to get a job in Architecture, you wouldn't think there would be very many openings since it seems a popular career choice around here, but he has a wish for a logic skill point so a chess board is installed near the pool.

John really wants to make friends and best friends with everyone so he is thrilled when Tara Kat becomes another best friend.

To keep up on wishes and giving him people to get to know John starts meeting nearly anyone who will walk by.  Especially if it's a woman.  However, John isn't really picky, he'll be friends with anybody.

Meeting new people is one of John's favorite past times and there are a lot of people in the world to meet.

Throwing parties is a daily wish and he takes a lot of time influencing people to talk with and interact with each other.  Maybe he can get Victor and Luis over and have them talk.

Sharon would very much like to make John one of her lovers and leaps into his arms.  He does like her but knows it isn't forever.

Still, the heart wants what it wants and he is now in love with her.  No additional wishes roll up, however, so Sharon is left wanting....until we get to her house I'm sure.

We didn't take many pictures throughout the days as most days were the same.  John got up and cleaned up a bit, maybe took a bath, and went to work.  He would then come home, throw a party, get the guest talking, serve food and clean up, take a bath and go to bed.  Wake up, rinse and repeat.  On the last day John almost didn't make his 5 wishes as someone was causing many relationship points in loss at the party, I THINK it was Jason Cleveland but I'm not 100% sure. So the final party of the week wasn't fun, and he had to quickly make friends with someone.  He made it, but just barely.



John: Besides Natasha Una he has to be the easiest sim to earn wishes for.  He could almost border on boring being so clock work but there is something nice about playing him.  I do have him on a quest to meet as many women as possible to try and find a non-married 2-bolt couple.  Time will tell if I am successful.
Ending Wishes: Meet Someone New, Gain a Skill Point, Be Friends with Meredith, Buy a Bar