Saturday, February 23, 2013

Round 1: Cleveland (Season 1: Fall)

Cleveland Household:

Jason Cleveland: Fortune/Family  |  LTW: Earn $100,000  |  First Wishes: Earn $100/Some Money, Justin is an Overachiever/Gets an A+ Report Card  |  Fulfilled First: Earn Some Money

Marissa Cleveland: Fortune/Popularity  |  LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind  |  First Wishes: Earn $100/Some Money, Kiss Jason, Justin in an Overachiever  |  Fulfilled First: Kiss Jason

Justin Cleveland: Popularity/Fortune  |  LTW: Become General  |  First Wishes: Have a Party, Make a Friend, Go to College, Play with Geoff  |  Fulfilled First: Have a Party


While Justin tried to make some friends to invite to the party, which didn't have many people, Jason worked on earning some money.

After that Justin threw a party and got to know some of the people who dropped by.  Justin doesn't have many friends, so no one really came to his party.  Marissa's secondary aspiration really took over during this season, strangely, and she always wanted to meet people and be friends with them.

Jason got a phone call to go on a outing.  Per our own rules he accepted the outing.  They had a pretty good time.  He got to meet a few things.

Jason and Marissa had plenty of wishes about each other.  They highly enjoyed many dates and other interactions together.

In the beginning of this round, first 2 or 3 days at least I was only getting 2 wishes per person done, they just kept wanting crazy things.  Like this...Marissa wanted a Toy Bench.  Not shocking, but they have an apartment, a stuffed one at that.  I managed to fit it in and she got started on badges.  (Hasn't finished one yet I don't think.)

Jason also had wishes to get badges at the toy bench.  He worked very hard, and has yet to make a badge.

Because both parents REALLY wanted Justin to be an overachiever Jason helped him study after school, and Justin got a job in the military and did mange to work his way to the top by the end of the season.

Jason really wanted to go ice skating so he went to a sport area and tried to ice skate.  So far he's not very good at it, but I'm sure he'll get better.

Justin, ever the pop sim, wanted to meet lots of people.  Lilith Pleasant walked by and he greeted her, they didn't seem to hit it off very well so I doubt this will be a budding romance.  :)

Justin wanted a cell phone and went to get one.  He then spent a ton of time talking to different people on the phone.

While downtown Justin met a lot of interesting people.  There were also a lot of other residents of Megalahood there.  Justin had a lot of wishes for parties and this was a good way to meet new friends.

Justin took some time out to shoot pool.  Goneril Capp didn't seem to pleased with Justin's playing.

This skunk wandered onto the lot and I found it funny the landlord got sprayed.  It didn't fulfill any wishes, unfortunately.

Justin also really wanted an MP3 player, and now he enjoys jamming out to it.

Jason, for days on end, showed a wish to adopt a child.  Clearly his family secondary nature is taking over.

So after multiple days on end we finally called up the adoption agency and adopted a little boy.  His name is Glen and he starts with wishes to Make a Friend, Buy a Game, Buy a Toy and Play with Someone.  He starts by buying a toy.

Justin really wanted to throw a party again, so he invited all sorts of people over.  He enjoyed having them all over.

Justin really likes his new little brother, who was sort of squished into the loft area for now.


Jason:  Had a lot of buy me, buy me wishes to start which were nearly impossible to complete due to the size of their apartment.  They will be moving to a house next round to help give them some space.  Then he wanted Justin to get scholarships, go to uni, and adopt a kid.  Those continuously rolled up all season until they adopted Glen.
Ending Wishes: Justin Goes to College/Gets Scholarship, Earn $8000, Go on Far East Vacation

Marissa: Also started with lots of buy me wishes, then wished for making money, for Justin to get scholarships and go to college.  Then she wanted skills for her job, and to make friends, best friends, bff's and meet new people.
Ending Wishes: Earn $9000, Have a Party, Be Friends with Robert, Buy Electronic Entertainment Costing at least $1500

Justin: Basic teenage wishes, mp3 player, cell phone, make friends, best friends, bff's and throw lots and lots of parties.  He also had a fairly continuous wish to go to college.  If he still has it next round I'll go ahead and send him.
Ending Wishes: Go to College, Be BF with Glen/Simon, Meet Someone New

Glen: Only had about a day, so didn't get the chance to show much.  Basic kid wishes, do things with people, make friends, play games, get A+.  He also is super nice, but wishes to torment quite a bit.
Ending Wishes: Get A+ Report card, See Snow, Be Swung Around by Someone, Torment Someone.