Monday, March 4, 2013

Round 1: DeBateau (Season 1: Fall)

DeBateau Household:

Armand DeBateau: Family/Romance  |  LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary  |  First Wishes: Tara Gets A+ Report Card/is An Overachiever, Get Fit, Play With  |  Fulfilled First: Play With

Tara DeBateau: Knowledge/Grilled Cheese  |  LTW: Max Out 7 Skills  |  First Wishes: Go to College, Eat/Influence Someone to Make/Serve Grilled Cheese Sandwiches  |  Fulfilled First: Serve Grilled Cheese


Tara spent a good portion of the morning feeding her GC wants.  Then it was time for school.  When got back she had a wish for a cell phone, so to the community lots she went.

I realized during this strange  adventure, no community lots in Belladonna have cell phone machine things.  Not a one.  We finally went somewhere downtown to buy her one.  Then she spent time playing pool.  I think that is Nathan Gavigan in the white....he's becoming a bit of a blog hog.

Arman wished lots of things for his daughter, but being a family AND romance sim he REALLY wanted love.  They have a lot of money so he called the gypsy lady over and asked for a date.

Meanwhile Tara was feeding herself a grilled cheese.  She really liked making these after school, and serving them.

Armand got his date from the gypsy lady and it's none other than Tammy, the woman Carlos Contender wasn't hitting it off with so well last entry.

Armand did not have a similar problem, and with wishes being met left and right they fell in love.  Then wishes became about Tara again.

So Armand took the time to teach his daughter to study.  In the meantime Tara has been easy to keep happy making grilled cheese and skilling.  If she goes to college, which looks likely, she will have a MILLION scholarships.

Armand then wanted to get engaged to Tammy.  So down on one knee he went.  She excitedly said yes.

After that Armand wanted to take their relationship to the next level so they hopped into bed together.  Risky has been very silent so far in the hood, and we'll see what happens here.

Once they finished Woohooing Armand wanted to get married.  Well marriage is something we will always try and fulfill, so with Tara making grilled cheese in the kitchen Armand and Tammy had a small wedding in their underwear.  It was December 17, 2002 at 11:06PM (day 2). Her first wishes moving in were to Kiss/Flirt with Armand, Buy a Telescope Costing at Least $500, and Reach Creativity Level 1.  She decided to Flirt with Armand first.

Tammy is a knowledge sim just like Tara, but her secondary is pleasure, and that sometimes shows.  She wanted to play on couch, so she did.  Tammy's LTW is to become a Criminal Mastermind.

She wanted to look for a job, but the computer broke.  She tried to fix it, and without much mechanical knowledge she electrocuted herself.  She did survive.

She also eventually finds her job, and decided to start with practicing the piano for some creativity.  I would have thought mechanical might be her first choice, but creativity is what she wanted.

Meanwhile, Tara has been zooming through skill points.  Each time she doesn't wish for a specific skill I try and have her practice something different.  Here she plays chess for fun and logic.

Tammy had a wish to go to a Community Lot.  Since I wasn't a fan of her look I thought this wish was the perfect opportunity for a makeover.

She does have rather large lips, but with the right clothes and hair style she's not as unattractive as I initially thought.  I doubt any kids will be great beauties, but only time will tell.

Tammy and Tara aren't close, but they do bond over skilling quite often.  I'm sure they are likely to be friends by the time Tara goes to college (which seems more and more likely.)

Meanwhile, Armand, has become a COMPLETE pain.  He wants a baby.  So far Risky has not provided them with one.  He always wants to WooHoo with 3 different sims.  So far I have not had him do this, although it is within my own rules to try and meet these.  His LTW is to reach his golden anniversary though, so I'm fighting this.  He also wants to meet more people, which he spends a lot of time doing.

He FINALLY wished for a "thing" in a toy bench and I was able to find room easily in the large apartment.  Then he wished for a badge and started working on in.  He still wants a baby and to make out/woohoo with 3 different sims.

On the last day of the round Tammy was busy skilling and suddenly *POP*.  YAY, a baby for Armand, FINALLY.  Glad Risky decided to let them have a baby.


Anxiously awaiting the baby Armand decides to try and paint a Masterpiece.  I hope it will keep him busy for awhile.  I have thought about locking in the WooHoo with 3 different sims and just waiting until after the party for that, but right now Have a Baby is locked in.



Armand:  Was easy in the beginning, but then became insanely difficult.  No matter what I did with him he kept wishes for a baby and woohooing.  He doesn't know anyone well enough to even try for a woohoo yet so his wishes were not often met throughout the day.
Ending Wishes: Make Out with 3 Different Sims, Meet Someone New, Sell a Masterpiece and Have a Baby

Tammy: Came in part way through the round and has been a pleasure.  She is truly a knowledge sim, very happy with skilling in the fall.  Her pleasure side took over every once in awhile, but mostly it was skill, skill, skill and then do things with Armand.
Ending Wishes: Ask Sim on Date, Be Saved From Death, Play Marco Polo and Eat Pancakes

Tara: The easiest of all sims to keep happy.  As long as she was skilling she was happy.  Between all the skills, and grilled cheese wishes I don't think she missed 5 wishes any day this season.  She never loses the go to college wish.  Once in awhile it spins away for a different wish (like right after waking up) and it's back when she comes home from school.
Ending Wishes: Go to College, Get A+ Report Card, Be Saved from Death, Maximize the Logic Skill

Round 1: Contender (Season 1: Fall)

Contender Household:

Carlos Contender: Romance/Grilled Cheese  |  LTW: Become Professional Party Guest  |  First Wishes: Influence Someone to Make for Sim/Serve/Talk to Sim About/Make Grilled Cheese  |  Fulfilled First: Serve Grilled Cheese to Jessica


Having grilled cheese as a secondary aspiration made Carlos a SUPER easy sim to keep happy in the beginning.  For the first day he wanted to make, eat and serve a lot of grilled cheese.  He got a phone call and we answered it, and was invited to go on an outing.  With Megalahood we try and answer phones and go on outings.

So off Carlos went on an outing.  The person who called him to go was Jessica Peterson.

Being first and foremost a Romance sim Carlos enjoyed Jessica's attentions.  He also REALLY wanted to make her grilled cheese, so he invited her back to his place.

Serving her GC was his first successfully fulfilled wish, as she called for the outing pretty early in the day and stayed late into the night.  They enjoyed the hot tub for awhile too.

He went to work the next day and brought home a friend.  This is Nathan Gavigan, whom we saw in the very first entry of Megalahood.

He wished to bring Jessica over, and things went very well.

Not paying too close attention to my own rules (since marriage NOT engagement is "required), he wished to get engaged to Jessica, and so we took the plunge.  She was thrilled.  Then all wishes for Jessica disappeared.  Jessica will probably want to marry him, but we'll see when we get there.

Then Carlos called his next closest lady friend, suddenly throwing more romance interactions than GC's wishes.  Although those weren't gone.  He feeds GC to Chastity Gere and they have a good lunch.

Carlos was wanting to have multiple loves now, so he greeted every girl he could that passed by.

Then Carlos threw a wish to swim, so we let him enjoy his pool for a bit.  I have NEVER seen a sim dive like this before, so that was really fun for me.  Carlos is in GREAT shape.

When Carlos went downtown he met Brandi Kim.  They weren't hitting it off great, but she asked if he wanted a blind date.  Carlos was in the mood of course and said yes.  Out drops Kristen Loste, who is officially from Strangetown.

They hit it off VERY well, and both are soon crushing on each other.  This is good because Carlos really wants to public woohoo with someone.  Originally he came here to do that with Chastity, but apparently she doesn't have a phone.

They hit it off REALLY well and Carlos gets his Public Woohoo wish fulfilled.  Oh, he also now wants to get engaged to Chastity at this point.  Of course, he can't cause he's already engaged to Jessica, and since he can't invite Chastity downtown where Jessica could see them together.....

One of the GREAT things about Kristen is she talks GC.  Carlos really wanted to talk to someone about it, and she obliged quite willingly.

Carlos was ready to move on to more loves so we invited the next closest love who was Kimberly Cordial, Samantha's sister.  Carlos was already in love with her from before.

Then he moved onto the next one.  He was struggling to really find a connection to anyone and that was true of Tammy here.  I don't remember her last name, but she is a townie.

Late fall Carlos suddenly wanted to start working out.  He woke up every morning and wanted to swim and work out on his exercise equipment.  Maybe he thinks Jessica is going to take him away from the house when we reach her...unless they break up first.

 After those wishes were completed we were back to GC wishes and romantic wishes.  So he visited community lots.  I found it funny that one of the most well known and prolific romancers of the Sims, Don Lothario was here that day too.

Carlos also has family in Megalahood, his niece and her family came over to end the round.  He is pretty close to his grand niece Sofia.



Carlos: Started out REALLY easy with GC wishes.  Every time he stopped eating a sandwich he wanted to eat more.  Getting 5 was a piece of cake.  Then started the romantic type wishes.  Easy early on using already established romantic options to make his way through wishes.
Ending Wishes: Public Woohoo, Ask Sim on Date, Work Out on Exercise Machine and Go Swimming