Monday, June 2, 2014

Round 1: Una (Season 1: Fall)

Una Household: 

Natasha Una: Grilled Cheese/Pleasure  |  LTW: Eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches  |  First Wishes: Influence Someone to Make Grilled Cheese, Serve Grilled Cheese, Make Grilled Cheese for Sim, Talk to Sim About Grilled Cheese  |  First Fulfilled: Serve Grilled Cheese


I have never tried to play a full grilled cheese sim before.  There are lots of secondary grilled cheese sims popping up in Megalahood so far, but Natasha is for the cheese and almost nothing but the cheese.  She serves many portions of grilled cheese the first day to help with wants.  It gives her lots of leftovers.

The trick with Grilled Cheese sims it to find them people they can talk about it with.  Natasha really wanted to talk to someone so she went into town and discovered that it's harder than she thought, but tried to talk about other things too.

She really lucked out right after that, however, by discovering that John Burb is willing to talk about Grilled Cheese.  This is great, especially if his wife becomes that secondarily.

After her trip into town she comes home and the welcome wagon shows up.  This makes her very happy because she can pull out those leftovers and feed grilled cheese to others.

Later on that day, as is becoming expected that first day, a call comes in inviting Natasha downtown.  The call comes from her...cousin I think, Luis Aspir.  So she goes and the other Aspir's are there as well.

They have a good time at the lounge and play quite a bit of poker with other patrons.  Most of the family left once the outing got there for some reason.

Natasha could lead a very lonely life is allowed.  Her wish to talk to someone about grilled cheese keeps her greeting those who pass by, hoping to find more people to share her cheese love.

In this way we discover that townie Christy Toyonaga is willing to talk the cheese.

Also Mary Gavigan is too.  This is very good news for Natasha since she is gaining a large pool of potential friends who can talk with her about her passion.

The more she greets people walking by the more she learns of people willing to talk grilled cheese.  Here Jason Vu is willing....

As is Oberon Gossamar, which is a very good thing since he also has a partner who may become partially grilled cheese inclined.

All these guys made it very easy to reach wishes for Natasha each day.  She would serve grilled cheese, eat grilled cheese, talk about grilled cheese, and make them for other people every day.  It also gave other members of the hood time to get to know each other.

Then, one morning she woke up to wish for non-grilled cheese items.  Her pleasure secondary must have finally kicked in, or maybe it was her hobby.  Either way, I locked in some wishes and got to work.  Each more after that she woke up to want 2 grilled cheese wishes (talk and each usually) and two non-grilled cheese....always make pottery and talk about hobby.

After the fun morning of making art, the grilled cheese desires would return and we are back to meeting people.  I really wanted to find her a 2 or 3 bolt match, but none of the guys she was meeting met that.

However, she enjoyed her friends, and seemed happy with her life.

That is until we greet a guy in a red shirt walking passed the house....and he was willing to talk Grilled Cheese.

Chester Gieke talks grilled cheese, and is two bolts hot to Natasha.  I don't hold out many hopes that her wishes will spin to being serious with Chester, but Chester's might.  She did, however, want all grilled cheese things with him.  Talk to him, serve him, make him grilled cheese.  Although, she seemed slightly conflicted.

After that day it was mostly rinse and repeat the morning.  Get up, make pottery, eat grilled cheese and then great people or call people to come over and talk about hobbies and grilled cheese.

Typically it was Chester...who was willing to come over on the first invite, even though they were not yet friends.

Maybe Chester sensed something, or maybe it was just really good luck for Natasha, but Chester made his feelings for her known quiet quickly, to both her and myself.

They chatted about his home downtown....where he will be the last sim we play before uni.

Totally on their own, not from wishes or my control, Chester and Natasha gain a crush on each other.  Knowing it probably wouldn't, I hoped Natasha would wish for him....and she did, but only to make him grilled cheese.

Luis and been in the house and seen the kiss.  He talked with Chester about it, right in front of Natasha.

The young couple didn't really let Luis stop them though.  Their friendship/relationship was growing very strong by now and none of it was me.  I don't even have ACR installed in this hood.

Now, Natasha has a thing for werewolves. Chester is about as far from a werewolf as you can get, but he's also a knowledge sim, if I remember correctly.  So Natasha was happy to greet the wolf with glowing eyes when he stopped by.

Just as she had hoped, Chester went to greet him as well and they spent a little time together.

Natasha still goes out and greet those who pass by her house to give her people to feed grilled cheese too.

Chester is invited over almost she can make him a grilled cheese.  I really should have just invited him to move in, I don't want to lose her house.

The very pregnant Tammy DeBateau came by.  She's not really interested in talking grilled cheese, but she was willing eat them, and talk about other things.

The relationship between Natasha and Chester just grows, and they do most of it all on their own.

 Next Natasha meets Vivian Riley she's also not very interested in grilled cheese, but she did want to meet people, so now is the perfect chance.

Vivian is NOT good at the piano, but that doesn't stop Tammy from dancing her heart out.  Most of the other guests had left the room.



Natasha: Natasha is an extremely easy sim to keep happy, as long as she has some people who will talk grilled cheese, and eat grilled cheese.  I was surprised and happy by the developments between her and Chester.  I really hope that he will move in here, since I like Natasha's house.  As she was starting to feel a bit boring her hobby wishes kicked in and made it just enough different to keep my interest.  This round Natasha ate 14 grilled cheese.
Ending Wishes: Influence Someone to Make Grilled Cheese, Eat Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Talk about Hobby (Locked), Make Pottery

The table isn't even worth it hardly, because she reached 5 wishes every single day, usually before noon.

Round 1: Picaso (Season 1: Fall)

Picaso Household:

Matthew Picaso: Popularity/Romance  |  LTW: Become Hall of Famer  |  First Wishes: Have a Party, Make a Friend, Flirt with Jessica (Picaso), Kill Jessica (Picaso)  |  Fulfilled First: Kiss Jessica

Jessica Picaso: Family/Romance  |  LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary  |  First Wishes: Have a Baby (Locked), Gain a Cooking Skill Point, Gain a Cleaning Skill Point, Kiss Matthew (Picaso)  |  Fulfilled First: Kiss Matthew


First a small note: Having both Jessica and Matthew get a secondary of Romance made me think this could be an interesting family.  I also had to look at my rule of Woohoo being locked in, or a requirement to fulfill.  I have decided that a wish to Woohoo, either in a certain place (like woohoo in bed) or with a specific person (woohoo with Jessica) will follow that rule, but a wish to woohoo with a certain amount of people will not.  My reason for this is, the wish to woohoo with 3 different sims for instance isn't a wish to woohoo specifically, it's just a wish to have done that with multiple partners.  So, that will not fall under the "must be completed" like other woohoo wishes.

So after kissing, both having Romance kicked in and they wanted to woohoo, which was quickly fulfill.  Jessica now wants to have a baby. 

With those wishes out of the way Matthew became a popularity sim and started wanted to meet new people and make friends.  So most pass by's got greeted.

The welcome wagon brought lots of new friends and made it very easy for Matthew to get his wishes in for the day.  Jessica was also fulfilling plenty of wishes.

The wishes, earlier in the season, are easy and fun to fulfill.

While the welcome wagon was still there an invite came in for the pair to go downtown.  According to our own rules we have to accept, so the group headed out.  They had a good time, but didn't stay too long.

Jessica wanted some skills and still wanted to have a baby.  The couple has certainly tried, but Risky hasn't kicked in it.

The couple threw many wishes for each other the first couple of days making wishes easy to fulfill.  They really do love each other, which is a nice change from some of our families who don't wish for each other at all.

Being a popularity sim Matthew always wanted friends and to throw parities. To help Jessica (who also wanted to meet people sometimes) would great most passerby's.

Then Jessica and Matthew wishes for the salon chair to give makeovers.  Then they both wanted bronze badges. Matthew's rolled away, but Jessica's stayed. So she started offering makeovers...mostly to townies.

We continued to have parties and Matthew was a breeze to keep happy.  On the other hand, Jessica turned into a Fortune sim and wanted to buy lots of stuff, and get badges in things.

Matthew loved making friends with all the female neighbors in the neighborhood.  He rolled woohoo with 3 different sims multiple times, but never wished anything for any one other than his wife specifically, so I'm glad I amended my rule.  If he wishes for someone else we'll have to see. :)

Matthew started bringing friends home from work, and continued to look for a job in the Athletic career, but wasn't having any luck.  On the other hand, he was thriving in the Military career.

More people were met and invited over and more parties were thrown.  Matthew really was a breeze.

A lot of food was served and once in awhile I would have Jessica make soup to keep everyone healthy and from getting sick.

During Matthew's days off he is able to greet the people passing by and reach some of his own wants.

Luckily Jessica remembers she is not a fortune sim and decided she wanted some skills.  Her husband was doing much better in their jobs then she was, so I think she wanted to "catch" him.

She still held out hope for that bronze badge however, so once we had some small wishes, or all the wishes out of the way she kept working on it.

Then all the socializing they had been doing took a turn and they were invited for another outing.  This time it was by Holly McArthur.  They decided the group would go bowling.

The entire group had a good time at the bowling alley and it ended up being a fun outing for all.

The couple is still trying for that elusive baby and Jessica has thrown thought bubbles of adoption recently.  I fear she is going to give up hope.

Her will is strong though, because she STILL really wants that bronze badge in make-overs.  So she keeps offering them to almost anyone who comes by.  She's actually really good at it, almost never messes up, even her first one was successful.

There are also still LOTS of parties thrown for Matthew, who wants one almost every day.

Finally Matthew found a job in Athletics right at the end of the season and was able to bring home friends from work there too.



Matthew Picaso: He was very easy the whole time.  A true pop sim who wanted friends and to meet new people all the time.  His romance secondary was plenty active, but almost always either generic wants, or wants with his wife so he reached his goals easily.
Ending Wishes: Have 3 Best Friends, Meet Someone New, Be BFF with Cynthia (Kim), Be BF with Robert (Kim)

Jessica Picaso: Started off so easy, and then the 3rd day she started rolling tough wants like badges, BFF's and threw buy me buy me wants.  She also had a few romantic secondary wants slip through, but all for her husband.  She still really wants a baby, but risky hasn't been nice so far.
Ending Wishes: Have a Baby (Locked in), Go on Mountain Vacation, Be Friends with Laura (Bear), Be BF with Marie (Rauscher)

Now to the table.  The family was VERY successful, and if Jessica had had a couple of non-badge or out of reach wants on Wednesday we could have been perfect.  Maybe next round. :)