Monday, February 2, 2015

Round 1: Mole (Season 1: Fall)

Mole Household: 

John Mole: Popularity/Pleasure  |  LTW: Become a City Planner |  First Wishes: Have a Party, Play with Pauline (Aspir), Be Friends with Pauling (Aspir), Go Swimming  |  First Fulfilled: Go Swimming


John's initial wish is to go swimming.  Since he has a swimming pool this is quickly met with a nice belly flop....err....fresh dip in the pool.

Then John wants to throw a party.  He is interested in dating, but doesn't have too many people he is actually interested in.  He invites over everyone he has a decent relationship with and most of them come.

He dances with his crush Sharon Wirth, however, she is a Romance sim and he knows she's not really good for him.

During her update, John met Natasha Una and they become best friends, fulfilling wishes for him.

Then, as has become very custom for that first night, John get invited to an outing by Hannah Bell.  She must be some sort of community out reach person since the last two houses have received her invite.

There are a lot of town sims there that night and John tried to meet most of them.  He does want to have a million friends, that's what popularity sims want. Of all the gitls he met, however, no one is very attractive to him.

Then the drama from the last house spills into this one.  No one is upset about any sort of cheating, but the father/son relationship between Luis and Victor is so damaged they just start slapping each other right at the bar.

John doesn't stay around much after that and goes home to read about Tinkering, his hobby preference of choice.

He manages to get a job in Architecture, you wouldn't think there would be very many openings since it seems a popular career choice around here, but he has a wish for a logic skill point so a chess board is installed near the pool.

John really wants to make friends and best friends with everyone so he is thrilled when Tara Kat becomes another best friend.

To keep up on wishes and giving him people to get to know John starts meeting nearly anyone who will walk by.  Especially if it's a woman.  However, John isn't really picky, he'll be friends with anybody.

Meeting new people is one of John's favorite past times and there are a lot of people in the world to meet.

Throwing parties is a daily wish and he takes a lot of time influencing people to talk with and interact with each other.  Maybe he can get Victor and Luis over and have them talk.

Sharon would very much like to make John one of her lovers and leaps into his arms.  He does like her but knows it isn't forever.

Still, the heart wants what it wants and he is now in love with her.  No additional wishes roll up, however, so Sharon is left wanting....until we get to her house I'm sure.

We didn't take many pictures throughout the days as most days were the same.  John got up and cleaned up a bit, maybe took a bath, and went to work.  He would then come home, throw a party, get the guest talking, serve food and clean up, take a bath and go to bed.  Wake up, rinse and repeat.  On the last day John almost didn't make his 5 wishes as someone was causing many relationship points in loss at the party, I THINK it was Jason Cleveland but I'm not 100% sure. So the final party of the week wasn't fun, and he had to quickly make friends with someone.  He made it, but just barely.



John: Besides Natasha Una he has to be the easiest sim to earn wishes for.  He could almost border on boring being so clock work but there is something nice about playing him.  I do have him on a quest to meet as many women as possible to try and find a non-married 2-bolt couple.  Time will tell if I am successful.
Ending Wishes: Meet Someone New, Gain a Skill Point, Be Friends with Meredith, Buy a Bar


  1. It's nice seeing John reasonably happy in your game, when in my game he died during his very first week (in a fire... of course!).
    Isn't it funny how some Sims always seem to be the ones who invite others for an outing, or turn up after work, or come home from school with them? In my game, all during her teenage years, Sally Riley was the Best-Known Sim in New Maximiliania. When Hailey Hart (Matthew Hart's daughter) reached that age, she became the one who would always get off the school bus with someone.

    1. I do find it interesting to see who invites who out and comes home with who. It does seem that it's often the same people over and over again. I kind of like that though, I went and read quickly through your Mole update and saw John died quickly. Kind of sad, he's pretty interesting and I'l be interested to see what happens as this hood progresses.

  2. I have only played this guy in one incarnation, unblogged. He's happily married and has a daughter :)

    1. He's interesting. I do kind of hope he finds someone. In Megalahood there are plenty of people. By the time we get back around to this house in rotation someone could have wished for him in their house and he would move there. It all depends on the wishes. :)

  3. So much to catch up on! John seems like a nice guy to play. I love Pop sims with their parties and friendships. Definitely not boring. :)

    1. So far I like John. He is consistent but not boring. :) I don't know if he will ever find love, but in a hood this size either way is fine in my book. :)