Monday, February 2, 2015

Round 1: Aspir (Season 1: Fall)

Aspir Household: 

Luis Aspir: Knowledge/Family  |  LTW: Become a City Planner |  First Wishes: Get a Grandchild, Relative Get Married, Relative Gets Engaged, Get a job in the Medicine Career  |  First Fulfilled: Play a Computer Game

Elizabeth Aspir: Fortune/Knowledge  |  LTW: Become Head of SCIA  |  First Wishes: Earn $100, Meet Someone New, Talk, Hire a Maid |  First Fulfilled: Talk (to Victor)

Victor Aspir: Family/Romance  |  LTW: Become Head of SCIA  |  First Wishes: Play With, Entertain, Reach Charisma Level 1, Tell An Inside Joke |  First Fulfilled: Entertain (with Elizabeth)

Pauline Aspir: Toddler  |  First Wishes: Learn to Walk, Be Played with by Elizabeth, Get Potty Trained, Learn to Talk |  First Fulfilled: Be Played with by Elizabeth (Aspir)


When we first open this lot everyone, except Luis, has pretty easy quick wishes to fulfill.  Elizabeth and Victor roll many wishes for each other and end up WooHooing withing the first couple of hours we are in this house.  It seems they are very much in love.

Victor then takes time to work on teaching his daughter to talk.  Her first word is chair, but they do not manage to finish learning this before Pauline needs a nap.

The welcome wagon comes by and meeting new people wishes get met.  We also see a very pregnant Opal Contrary who we found out was pregnant right at the end of their house.

Luis's wishes were unreachable and not going away, so we took him off lot to the Tinkering Hobby location "Will's Garage" to see if his wishes would mix up.

They did some, but not very much and nothing he could accomplish here so he had a quick conversation with the pretty maid at the garage and went home.

Once Pauline was up from her nap Luis, the very doting grandfather he is, helped work on potty training with Pauline.

Then starts the beginning of a very strange cycle of events.  First, Luis's only accomplishable wish  was to slow dance with a sim.  Me, TOTALLY forgetting that it's a romantic interaction, has him slow dance with the only woman he has a decent relationship with....his daughter in law.  We quickly learn that Elizabeth falls in love SUPER easy.  She's actually already been in love once before in this blog. (Technically we don't see her in love, but by the end of the update she is.)  So she is now in love with both men in this house, and they both in turn are in love with her.

Hannah Bell, who is friends with the family and who's update we will be at in a few more houses, calls and invites the family down town.  Since in Megalahood we ALWAYS accept these invitations we go to the favorite first outing spot, Lucky Shack Cards and Drink.

All sorts of people are there, including Sharon Wirth who's update isn't too far from now either.  There are also a surprising amount of teens here.

When the family returns Luis wishes to smuttle dance, so he does in the front yard.

Since his sleep schedule is a little erratic as well, when Pauline gets up he feeds her smart milk and she learns how to walk.

Victor then takes over and works more on potty training, which she does eventually learn.  It takes a couple more sessions.

Victor being the Family/Romance sim he is wishes to do things with his wife often.  They seem lucky as Risky hasn't kicked in yet, but they have WooHooed quite a few times.

Luis has a sudden desire to play the piano, so I let him and wow he is pretty good.  He does have high creativity skills, so that's why, but it's cool to hear it played so well.

He also, finally, starts wishing to work on the car sitting in the drive way.  I really hope he will keep wishing for it so it can get done.  I've never finished a car in the game.

Now, multiple days into play the drama begins.  Victor and Elizabeth are on a date, and Luis, going to fulfill a wish of some sort gets mad that Victor is cheating with Elizabeth.  Much slapping ensues, and it happens about 3 or 4 times.  Their relationship is GONE.

However it's time for Pauline's birthday so a cake is purchased and Elizabeth takes her little girl to blow out the candles.

Pauling grows up very well having learned all her major toddler skills.  She is very cute and I hope she will do ok with the fighting that is suddenly occurring in this house.

She is a VERY creative little girl and will spend hours drawing at the table.

She also loves her family very much.  She runs out to great both parents as they come home from work and she is best friends with her mom.

She does need other friends, though, so she starts greeting passer-bys hoping to find some other school kids to be friends with.

After everyone is asleep in the main house Luis comes over and tucks Pauline into her new big girl bed.  He doesn't spend a ton of time in the main house right now.

After her first day of school Pauline asks her mom for help with her homework and they finish it quickly while working together.  Elizabeth is a really good mother to Pauline.

A large gathering of friends was had and Luis made an appearance and ate at the table as though nothing was wrong.  It seems this family wants to maintain appearances.

Later on he retires to his renovated garage and learns some skills. He works on Cooking and Charisma a lot.

Pauline watches movies when she has the time but is really more interested in Cuisine like her dad.

On our last day with the house Luis has studied up a lot on cooking and really wants to win a Cooking Contest, so he travel to a main lot in one of the hoods that has a Cook Off location.

He prepared his own chili, which he adapted himself and is very proud of.  It was an intense competition but in the end Luis won the blue ribbon!



Luis: Luis's had off and on days of meeting a lot of wishes until the end of the week when he started to really wish for skills.  After that started it was easy to get him done with 5 a day.  The dance thing was a complete accident because I really didn't remember it making them fall in love but he is now very angry and both Victor and Elizabeth.  He did want to study anger management at some point, which helped, and he's no longer in love with Elizabeth so my hope is time will help to heal their relationship.  Hopefully before he dies.
Ending Wishes: Gain a Skill Point, Reach Cooking 7, Learn How to Make Mac and Cheese (Locked), See a Ghost

Elizabeth: Early on she was very simple.  Wanted to do things with her husband and earn money.  Towards the middle/end of the week she started wishing for very long term wishes or for things that were unable to be done yet.  It became very hard to get her wishes met, and one day it didn't happen at all.  Leaving the lot didn't help either.  Finally the last day she mixed up her wishes for things that were doable.
Ending Wishes: Gain a Cleaning Skill Point, Go to Work, Be Saved From Death, Get a Bronze Toy Making Talent Badge (Locked)

Victor:: Also started out the first couple of days easy, and then go super hard.  Wanted to see ghosts and have a baby.  Things that couldn't be done in a day.  Could usually get a couple but wasn't reaching 5 very often.  He held a wish for a mountain vacation for days, so finally one has been scheduled.  They leave at the very beginning of next round. The final day all he wanted was to quit his job, which he had FINALLY found in Intelligence, but we granted it.  It is wishes after all.
Ending Wishes: Go on Vacation, Play with Pauline, Ask Sim on Date, Go on Mountain Vacation (Locked)

Pauline::  The easiest sim to get wishes for throughout the week.  As a toddler she wanted normal things, mostly skills and interactions with her mom.  Hit a bit of a slump when she wanted school related things that she couldn't do yet, but finished strong.
Ending Wishes: Be Friends with Vivian (Cho-Riley), Be Swung Around, Get an A+ (Locked), Gain a Skill Point


  1. The Aspirs have always been a family I liked playing, and stil do. Luis lived VERY long in my game - the longest-living Sim I've ever "met", actually.
    After having read your account of their week, I am really looking forward to playing them again in my game, especially to see how Pauline is getting on with her life, now that she is an adult woman.

    1. I just recently read your Aspir update, at least the early parts of it. Luis did live a VERY long time in your game. This is such an interesting family to play I did enjoy them, although they got very tedious with their wishes which made them less fun then I think they would have been otherwise.

  2. Good score, even though you say they hade hard wishes!

    1. They all had a different days of being difficult, but Elizabeth and Victor were impossible a few days towards the end (which is what I mostly remember :).) Luis being an elder Knowledge sim (who remembered that about 1/2 though the season) and had loads of time to skill made him get way easier, and Pauline was a toddler who was easy, and then had mostly easy child wishes.

  3. How funny to have a love triangle going on with Victor and his Dad. :D Not intentional I see but amusing none the less.
    I've played this family once long ago and I remember Luis set fire to his train station and half the yard burnt down. He did live a very long time if I recall.

    I wonder if Elizabeth and Victor will become parents again?

    1. Time will tell if they become parents again. Risky so far hasn't provided another child. The love triangle certainly made for a much more interesting story, we'll have to see how it all works out. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. That is a crazy love triangle between the 3! Hope Victor and Elizabeth get to have more kids in your game...

    1. Hey Chrissy thanks for stopping by. It was quite a drama filled round for the Aspir's. We'll see what happens in the meantime, a lot could change before we get back to them.