Friday, October 9, 2015

Round 1: Cooke (Season 1: Fall)

Cooke Household:

Julien Cooke: Popularity/Family  |  LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends  |  First Wishes: Meet Someone New, Entertain, Talk, Play With  |  First Fulfilled: Meet Someone New


Since Julien's initial wish is to meet new people he talks to the paper girl a little when she comes to drop off his paper.

He then greets the welcome wagon members just to have more people to call up and talk to.  He really doesn't know a lot of people and it's going to take awhile to build up all those friendships for his LTW.

The welcome wagon the welcome wagon consists of two members of the Bell family, who is next, and the Traveler's family is also represented.

The first day was easy to get wishes, but the second day he only wanted friends with people he had no relationship with except Mr. Bell, so the family is invited over after talking on the phone for a bit.  Their relationship on Julien's side is at 100 daily, and still no friendship.  He spent all day on this relationship and had to go to work with only meeting a single wish.

The next day after meeting some general wishes about food and skills he brings home Madeleine Greaves with him after work.  They are friendly and are able to become friends easily.

Cynthia Kim is also here, and I can't remember if he invited her in, or if she just invited herself, but they all hang out for awhile.

After everyone leaves Julien gets a phone call, which we answer since we have to try and answer every call here in Megalahood.  It's Cynthia Kim, and he is ready to go.  So they head to the ever popular location for some poker.

Julien sits down with Madeleine, who is also on this outing, Cynthia Kim and someone else who came with them that I don't remember the name of.

Julien started wanting to throw parties, so we threw a party and invited almost everyone he knows.  Most of them came, and while it was really rocky for a bit, it turned out good.

The TV is popular during parties, and Julien is slowly growing up friendships so he can start reaching those "friend" wishes.

Suddenly, during a party Madeleine goes over and flirts with Julien, all on her own.  He accepts, and they have a crush.  She has no attraction bolts to Julien though, so this isn't likely to last.

The next day Julien really wants friends, and the closest person is Elle Lum.  They talk on the phone most of the morning, and by the afternoon accepts an invitation over.  Once she is at the house Julien throws all kinds of wishes for interactions with her, but nothing romantic.  Shes doesn't have any bolts either.

The next to last day of the round Julien is not having much luck with wishes, so we take him to a coffee spot to meet some new people.  It does the trick and he makes his wishes easily once he gets home.

During another party Julien greets this passerby, Rose Dai and she wants to set him up on a blind date.  We accept everything we can here in Megalahood and so he accepts and in drops Alexandra Teatherton, who I don't know, but she is currently in Riverblossom Hills where she has a daughter who lives with an ex-husband.

After a few interaction, in which we discover they are 3-bolts least on his end.  This might be a very good match for Julien.  They head inside, and we get Madeleine's "you are cheating on me" tantrum.

It doesn't stop the date, and soon Julien and Alexandra are crushes as well.  This is the last day of the season, so unless Julien suddenly wishes for her to move in we'll have to wait until Alexandra's entry to see if anything happens.

The date ends Good, as does the party and Madeleine comes to kick over the trashcan.


Julien: Other than the second day Julien was pretty easy to keep happy.  He wanted to serve a lot of food, so he needs a family soon.  His fridge is stocked with leftovers, which is handy for all the parties he wants to throw.  Not an overly interesting round until he met Alexandra, but it was the final day, so I'm interested what sorts of things she wishes for when we get to her.
Ending Wishes: Be Friends with Antonio, Be Friends with Renee, Be Best Friends with Alexandra (Teatherton), Meet Someone New


  1. nice to see an entry from this hood it has been a while. Alexandra Teatherton is O'Mackey is my game has good genes, On my megahood she is with John Mole and they have a son and another one on the way. Julien Cooke is with one of the singles ladies called Kirsten. Lovely read

    1. Thanks for coming by. It has been awhile. I've been busy with RL stuff, and had some computer issues with the game. They are all fixed though and I'm still working on finishing up the Uni round in Fellowship One. She is O'Mackey by marriage, but I think it was changed back to her maiden name in the cleaned hood.

  2. In my game, Alexandra's surname was O'Mackey, too; she had a daughter, Jules, and a husband whom she split up with when she met her three-bolt-love in Matthew Picaso.
    It was nice to see the Travellers, the Bells and other familiar Sims again!
    The house you gave Julien was given to the Ramaswamis in my hood.

    1. It's the same person, her maiden name was Teatherton, her married name O'Mackey, so it's the same person. I think in the clean hood for the megahood they changed her name back to her maiden name. Matthew is still very much in love with his wife in this iteration, but these two might have a happy life if they wish it. :) Thanks for reading.

  3. How lovely to see a new update :)
    I've never played Julien but he looks like a friendly guy. It will be interesting to see if he and Alexandra end up together!

    1. Thanks for coming back to read. I should actually have another update before too long. I stopped simming for awhile, for lots of reasons, and am really enjoying being back. He is a friendly guy and I will be interested to see what Alexandra wishes for when we get to her. :)