Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Round 1: Baldwin (Season 1: Fall)

Baldwin Household:

Benjamin Baldwin: Popularity/Family  |  LTW: Become Mayor  |  First Wishes: Have 5 Best Friends, Be BFF with Carlos (Contender), Give Backrub to Isabel, Meet Someone New  |  Fulfilled First: Give Backrub to Isabel

Isabel Baldwin: Family/Popularity  |  LTW: Become Captain Hero  |  First Wishes: Flirt with Benjamin, Play with, Have a Party, Sofia Gets A+ Report Card  |  Fulfilled First: Flirt with Benjamin

Sofia Baldwin: First Wishes: Tell an Inside Joke, Play with, Go Swimming, Gain a skill point  |  Fulfilled First: Talk to Xander (Roth)

Marcus Baldwin: First Wishes: Learn to Walk/Talk, Get Potty Trained, Be Tickled by Benjamin  |  Fulfilled First: Be Tickled by Benjamin


Benjamin quickly fulfilled Marcus' wish to be tickled and then worked to fulfill his own before heading off to work. 

  Isabel appreciated the backrub, but was bummed not to do more than flirt with Benjamin before he headed out.

Since Benjamin left before Isabel could do things like kiss or make out with him she threw a party.  She only knows two people outside of the house, and only her dad likes her enough to show up for the party.

 They make the most out of it, but he leaves just saying good-bye before the party is done, so it ended up being a pretty terrible party.  Isabel really wanted to pillow fight with Carlos, so I obliged.

Now to move on to meeting Marcus' wishes for the day.  Learning to speak opens up lots of talk with Isabel and Benjamin.  He gets close to or meets his wishes most of the time.

 Sofia brings home a friend from school Xavier Roth, who is playable, but we won't reach him for awhile.  She has a strange way of speaking with him THROUGH the door.

 She fulfills some wishes playing with Xavier and ends up becoming friends with him this day.  Sofia is having a very happy childhood so far wishes wise.

Benjamin works in the medical field, but desires to be Mayor, so he changes careers, but first he makes friends with a guy he brought home from his science job.  He is going to need lots of friends.

 Isabel, in the meantime, hasn't gotten a job yet, and works to teach Marcus to walk.  She is successful and he also gets potty trained.  Life is looking good for Marcus.  So far the whole family was meeting their wishes almost every day.

 I think it was Sofia who wanted to play catch, and Isabel that just wanted to play with someone, but that might be backwards.  In the back we can see a likely familiar face walking by.

Benjamin comes home from work nearly every day with someone, and always wants to make friends with them.  Once that is done, he wants to meet someone new, every day.  Luckily they don't know their neighbors who always hang out in the hot tub.  They make good initial "new" people to meet.

 With all the friends everyone brings home from work, and the neighbors in the building Marcus didn't need much of a party to grow up well.

Meanwhile, Benjamin continues his quest to meet all the people in the entire universe, one at a time, day after day.  He's getting through the neighbors slowly, but very happily.

The kids want to jump rope ALL the time.  They wake up, they want to jump rope, they reach a wish, the next one is jump rope.  They are relatively easy to keep happy, as long as they keep jumping rope.

Benjamin brought home Mary-Sue Pleasant one day.  I had forgotten she was in Politics until this moment.  They have become friends, since, of course, that's what Benjamin wants.

Sofia brought home Desdemona Capp from school.  It's a lot of fun for me to see familiar sims show up in very unfamiliar places like this.  :)

At 6:13 PM on October 4th Sofia transitioned into teenagehood.  Her outfit could be a lot worse, it doesn't full suit her in my opinion, but it could be LOTS worse, so for now she'll keep it.  She rolled to be a Fortune sim with a Popularity secondary.  It took her awhile to decide what she wanted, but ultimately she decided on becoming a Business Tycoon.

Isabel really wanted a baby, so Benjamin has been gladly helping her see if Risky would grant her another.  In this apartment built for 4 another baby might be a tight squeeze, but Isabel will be really happy.  Once the morning sickness is over that is.

Everyone but Benjamin wanted a pet.  He's more interested in human voters...errr...friends.  Isabel wanted any pet, Marcus wanted a puppy and Sofia wanted a kitten.  With a new baby on the way, and Sofia's wishes being a bit harder to achieve after becoming a teen we went with a kitten.  This is Coldplay....because Coldplay happened to be playing on the radio.

While both of their parents are at work Sofia "babysits" Marcus and his buddies after school.  Marcus is a pretty good kid and doesn't cause problems for his sister.  This suits her fine as she wants to spend time on the phone with her friends.  Marcus and his sister are not close so far in this hood.

Isabel comes home from work, and shows us that the morning sickness was not a fluke, she is pregnant, and needing a LOT of love and care.  She will, however, be pregnant for a LONG time because it is the end of fall, and thus the end of the round.


Benjamin:  He wanted friends.  Almost every day he brought a co-worker home and wanted to be friends with them.  The very next wish was almost always "meet someone new."  That made 2 wishes easy for him.  Then he started getting harder.  Wanted to be BF with people, or BFF, or have a certain number of BF's or BFF's.  Those are harder to reach but he meet 3 to 4 wishes on average each day.
Ending Wishes: Be Best Friends with Mary-Sue (Pleasant), Have a Party, Be Best Friends with Michael, Be Best Friends with Juan.

Isabel: She started out so easy, mostly wanting parties and to do with with the kids.  She was a good mom and wished just about every day to at least play catch or swing one or both of the kids around.  As they got older and she got a job she wanted things like the kids being overachievers, or to get skill points.  Then she got the baby wish and it wouldn't go away, so here we are.  Overall typically pretty easy to get 5 wishes a day in.
Ending Wishes: Sofia is An Overachiever, Have a Baby (locked in),  Be Friends with Coldplay, Sofia Get A+ Report Card

Sofia: She also wanted lots of friends, like her dad, for most of her kid years.  She did roll up wants to do homework sometimes, and to do things with her parents, and jumping rope.  When she got to be a teenager she started wanting things like private school, skill points, and to earn money, etc.  Overall an easy teenager most of the time.
Ending Wishes: Be BFF with Xander (Roth), Get Into Private School, Earn Some Money, Buy Handheld Game.

Marcus: As a toddler he was very simply. Learn toddler skills, and then do things with his parents.  Once he became a kid it was jump rope, just like his sister.  He also wanted to make a friend with one kid.  He kept the wish for the one boy to be his friend, and now wants to do things with him.  He barely rolls up wants for anyone else, just this friend and to jump rope.
Ending Wishes: Eat Pancakes, Get A+ Report Card, See Snow, Jump Rope


  1. What a great round. I love their apartment, one of the nicer ones to play. Welcome to Coldplay- lol. The house will be full with a new baby (or two!) on the way. Benjamin is doing great making all those friends and the kids are happy.
    The only time I've played this family was in my Megahood. Sofia married Bendick Monty in my version.
    This is what I love about reading these 'hoods, seeing all the strangers from other 'hoods in them.

    1. Thanks, they really have a nice apartment. I haven't played apartments until this hood, so it's been kind of fun. Wishes is such a fun way to play and keep the sims happy. Thanks for stopping by and reading. :)

  2. Yes I agree, it is both strange and nice to see characters from the different hoods intermingle. Fun!

    1. Hopefully I'll get through some more playing soon. This is going to be a challenge just getting thought ONE round, but I really want to see what happens with all these guys and how they would end up with when given the choice between everyone Maxis ever made.

  3. So nice for me to see the Baldwins (and some of the other playables) in their original state again! In my game, Isabel has died of old age a long time ago, and things have changed a lot for the family...
    The bit about Benjamin wanting to meet everyone in the entire universe made me laugh :-)

    1. Benjamin was SO funny this round with this "meet new people" everyday. He is a TRUE popularity sim for sure. It's crazy for me to think about ever seeing these guys dying because it feels like it's going to take years for me to get through everyone even once. :) Thanks for reading!

  4. This family I actually played once or twice. Nice to see them all!

    1. It's fun to see who has played some of these families and who haven't. I don't know anyone in this hood so it's been a lot of fun.