Monday, July 29, 2013

Round 1: Cho (Season 1: Fall)

Cho Household:

Vivian Cho: Family/Pleasure  |  LTW: Become Captain Hero  |  First Wishes: Be BFF with/Play With Carlos (Contender), Gain a Skill Point, Buy a High Chair  |  Fulfilled First: Buy a High Chair

Etsu Cho: Toddler  |  First Wishes:  Be Read to/Be Tickled By Vivian, Learn to Talk/Walk  |  Fulfilled First: Learn to Talk


After buying a high chair to fulfill her own wish, Vivian got down to fulfilling Etsu's.  The first wishes went by pretty quickly.  Etsu wanted to learn her toddler skills and Vivian was more than happy to teach her.

After toddler training was done Vivian received a phone call asking her if she would like to go downtown.  Since we are playing in a wishes type world, Vivian accepts and calls a nanny to watch Etsu.  The nanny and taxi arrive together.

The outing was initiated by Carlos Contender and he brought some of his family, some love interests, and friends. It could be quite an interesting night.

The group, which we see includes Mortimer Goth, hangs around outside the club talking for quite a while.  Later on most head inside and pay some cards.  Vivian gets in on that action as well and meets a lot of new people.

Back at home, Vivian has a wonderful relationship with her upstairs neighbors, the Riley's.  She goes and says hi to Sally and tickles her to the delighted giggles of Sally.  Timothy, Sally's dad, and Vivian are a 3-bolt couple.

Once Timothy gets home, Vivian spends some time talking to him.  Then follows her heart, and wishes...

Flirting quickly becomes a fulfilled wish...

Followed by some kissing, which certainly seems to make them both happy. With 3-bolts, this leads quickly to a love developing.

Sadly Vivian has to rush off to work and asks Timothy if he would watch Etsu for her.  Timothy knows a bit about taking care of a little girl, it wasn't that long ago Sally was Etsu's age.

Etsu seems to like Timothy, which will make her mother happy.

Once Vivian gets home, and eventually relieves Timothy they share some more time together.

It doesn't take long for the, Get Engaged to Timothy, wish to pop up.  This is a great development and can work to combine some houses, which is good in a huge hood like Megalahood. Timothy, of course, is thrilled...although he would likely have been just as happy to ask her instead.

They happy couple, engaged on  June 29, 2003, quickly took their relationship to the next level. (I've decided to make a real year for this hood, instead of just 3, so I'm pretending I started playing it in the year 2000, just to make it this happened on the 3rd sim day of play, equaling 2003.)

Before we know it, it's time for Etsu's birthday and for her to become a child.  Her toddler years have been happy.  Vivian takes her to the cake, with Timothy right there with her.

On August 14th, in the year 2003, Etsu becomes a beautiful child, and from her clothing choices, a very girly girl at that.

Now that Etsu is basically the same age as Sally they begin taking and hanging out a lot more.  They are, after all, going to be step-sisters.  They seem to hit it off well and earn some fulfilled wishes as well.

Not wanting to wait forever to start their lives, and with neither having any family to worry about, other than the girls, on October 12, 2003 Timothy and Vivian tied the knot.  The household if officially a Riley/Cho house, and it will be up to Etsu to continue on the Cho name if it is not meant to die out.

Luckily the family had some extra money so they got rid of Etsu's small bed and got the girls new bunk-beds and desks to go in their shared room.  Timothy and Vivian realize they will likely need a house since, since Vivian wants more kids.

Etsu and Sally continue to get along well, and are forming a deep friendship.  Neither of them minds sharing a room, and although there was a small argument over who would get the top bunk they worked it out themselves.

We forgot to check wishes for Timothy and Sally when they moved in, however, Timothy is a Knowledge/Grilled Cheese sim with a LTW to become the Chief of Staff.  He is currently in the Medical field, so while the girls are asleep and Vivian is at work he studies.

The girls wake up almost every morning with a wish to play on something in the apartment's playground, which fulfills some quickly wishes before school.

Etsu loves to talk at the breakfast table, barely letting anyone else get in a word edgewise.  Still, she and Sally have become best friends.

The day Sally comes home with her first A+ report card, Vivian is there to cheer for her, and receive a bit of a surprise.  Risky has decided Vivian and Timothy will start that family a little earlier than first expected

The girls continue to make great use of the playground, which means when the family moves to a house, some playground equipment will be a must.

Both Timothy and Vivian wished for a vacation.  Timothy planned it, before the pregnancy showed up, so the family decided to make the best of it and headed out.

Even though Vivian was very tired and hungry through the majority of the vacation, the family enjoyed the trip and took lots of pictures.  Vivian always wanted to take pictures everywhere they went.

Everyone really enjoyed the log roll.  Timothy was not very kind to his wife however and she her and their unborn child into the cold water.

Timothy greatly wished to learn a massage and they all enjoyed meeting the locales.  Vivian did struggle to keep up on the trip however, and occasionally stayed back at the campsite.

On their last night Vivian started up a fire and Timothy and Etsu joined her in enjoying the warmth.  Etsu also enjoyed roasting some marshmallows in the fire.  Sally had wanted to join too, but fell asleep in their tent before it got dark enough to light the fire.

Back at home life for Vivian didn't get any easier.  She was so hungry all she wanted to do was eat, but was so tired she continuously fell asleep in her food.  Life became a rhythm of nap for awhile, eat until she couldn't stay awake, nap for a bit more, and then eat again.

When labor hit early one afternoon while she was trying to take a nap Vivian couldn't be more happy, or in pain.  She was ready to get the pregnancy over with.

We quickly realize why Vivian was so difficult to take care of.  She was carrying twins!  Yes, on October 3, 2006 at about 6:08 PM Vivian Riley gave birth to twin girls.  They named the girls Angela and Ansley (I love they both started with A's, even though they were randomly chosen by a die roll.)  Angela has black hair and brown eyes while Ansley has brown hair and brown eyes.


Vivian: Started out very easy, wishes for Etsu, and once she and Timothy started, wishes were met left and right.  Then she got pregnant and she couldn't keep her needs up enough to try and achieve wishes.  That was one of the hardest pregnancies I've ever played.  However, when she was up long enough to fulfill wishes she usually got 3 or 4 a day.
Ending Wishes: Ask Sim on a Date, Cuddle Angela, Talk About Hobby, Talk to/Entertain Etsu (Extra wish slot from vacation.)

Timothy: Struggled with wishes.  Knowledge sim, but typically didn't want to skill.  When grilled cheese wishes popped up he was simple, but most of the time he wanted to be BFF with people, or go on vacations, have pets, etc.  Finally started wanting some skill points towards the end of the round.
Ending Wishes: Talk to Sim about Grilled Cheese, Eat Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Influence Someone to Make Grilled Cheese, Serve Grilled Cheese.

As a toddler she was easy to keep happy learning her toddler skills.  As a child she continued being a pretty easy sim to fulfill wishes for.  She did want to be BFF with Timothy and Sally, which happened eventually, and did make wish fulfilling hard for a couple of days, but then started wanting to play on the playground equipment, go on hikes, catch bugs, do well in school etc.
Ending Wishes: Reach Cleaning Level 3, Be Friends with Gordon, Get Puppy, Get A+ Report Card, Be Friends with Xander.

Sally: She was a piece of cake to get 5 wishes for nearly every day.  She always wanted to play, jump rope, go on the playground, and learn skills.  Probably the easiest sim to keep happy and please this round.
Ending Wishes: Get A+ Report Card, Get Puppy, Reach Cleaning Level 3, Be Friends with Caryl/Zoe

Angela & Ansley: Born right at the end of the round, and haven't aged enough to reach toddler level.

I think next round it will become necessary for this family to abandon their little apartment and move to a house.  4 sims was too many in this little apartment as it was, 6 just became crazy, but it will be a long time before we get back to them, so I might change my mind.  :)


  1. Excellent round for the Cho/Riley's! So good to see Timothy and Vivian together and Etsu and Sara certainly get along- love those bunk beds btw. :)
    It's hard taking a pregnant sim on vacation- no wonder Vivian's needs plummeted so much- twins! Haha- poor Timothy is the odd man out eh?
    He'll love all his girls equally no doubt though. :)

    1. I do like this family a lot, although it certainly got big quick. I debated taking Vivian on the vaca, but it was her wish too. She didn't do too bad until they got home. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Beautiful update. See what a wonderful family was created by following wishes! Now Timothy has 5 beautiful females to look after. :)

    1. Those wishes sure to make play interesting. I really am having a TON of fun playing all these Maxis families with wishes.

  3. This was so nostalgic for me - I love the Riley-Cho-family, but in my game, Vivian has long died of old age, and Etsu is mother to a son by Hal Capp.
    Strangely, in my game, Timothy's daughter's name is Sally, not Sara. I wonder whether it is a bug in my game. Anyway, Sally/Sara Riley is one of my favourite Sims, and Etsu is certainly one of the prettiest ones in the entire neighbourhood!

    1. Timothy's daughter is Sally, not Sara....I completely messed up the name. Thanks for pointing it out, I've changed it now. :) The girls are very fun so far, and I'm very interested in what the new girls will look like. Glad you enjoyed.

  4. Nice to see some households joining each other! You will need many townir boys in the future if all those Girls are starting families!

    1. Luckily there are LOTS of families in a Megahood, so hopefully they will find some matches among them. I'm hoping to get some boys in this neighborhood soon though.