Thursday, September 13, 2012

Round 1: Gavigan (Season 1: Fall)

Gavigan Household:

Mary Gavigan: Family/Popularity  |  LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary  |  First Wishes: Have a Baby, Buy a Bookcase, Gain a cooking/cleaning skills.  |  Fulfilled first: Buy a Bookcase

Nathan Gavigan: Fortune/Knowledge  |  LTW: Become Hall of Famer  | First Wishes: Earn some money, Earn $100, Get Isaiah into Private School, Play with Isaiah  |  Fulfilled first: Play with Isaiah

Isaiah Gavigan: Grow Up (Child)  |  First Wishes: Be friends with Mary (mom), Buy a toy, Obtain a pet, Buy a Lemonade Stand  |  Fulfilled first: Buy a toy

Isaiah and Mary were not very close and trying to get them to talk wasn't working out very well, so they danced.  With some dancing and joking they finally were friends, which fulfilled a wish for him and allowed some wishes to be completed for her as well.

 To try and strengthen family bonds, since no one was really close, they ate dinner together.  Mary had been learning cooking (fulfilling wants along the way.)

When the welcome wagon came along they invited them in and we had Carlos Contender (in the red) and the Goodie's, Faith and Herbert.  I have never played any of these families, so I don't know much about them, but they all came from the Sim Bin I believe (except Carlos).  Mary rolls up and keeps the want to be friends with Carlos for about 3 days in a row.

 Isaiah likes games, and Mary is always rolling up a want to play with her son.  For the first couple of days she's a good family sim, wanting to spend time with her son, teach him to study, play with him excreta.

 Nathan starts off the round with no jobs that fit either his LTW or wishes available, but he started wishing for he begun training to be a hall of famer until he found the athletic job later in the round.

 Once the first couple days of normal wants, were done, Nathan, like a good Fortune sim, rolled up wishes to get a makeover station.

 Then Mary wished for a toy bench, since most of the other wishes for either required a lot more time, such as Isaiah getting an A+ or be best friends with so and so, they got their wishes.  Mary instantly wanted a bronze badge in toy making, which she started, but lost it later in the round so it hasn't been completed yet.

 Likewise, Nathan wished for a bronze cosmetology badge, which he started on, but also lost after this successful makeover to Cleo Shikibu (a resident of Riverblossom Hill.)

 Both Nathan and Isaiah had constant wishes every day to sell lemonade, so they spent a lot of time selling lemonade to each other to get some wishes fulfilled. Nathan is just a big kid at heart.

 Isaiah finally gave his parents a bit of a break and fulfilled their wishes as well as his own when he got an A+.  Isaiah was also a very good student, always rolling up a wish to do homework either right as he got home, or as soon as he fulfilled one other wish.

 One wish that never went away was to Obtain a pet.  It was one of his starting wishes, and rolled up every day, staying all day, so I finally broke down and had the family get Roux from the pound.  Nathan isn't really close to Roux, but they are all glad to have him, and are busy trying to train him.

 Mary started really being controlled by her popularity secondary and threw up wishes nearly every day for a party.  So we threw lots of parties, with the few town members they knew. This day Isaiah and Nathan added to the party by bringing Bottom Summerdream and a friend from work home with them.

Mary also started wishing to do more things with Roux as well.  So she spent her time at home throwing parties and playing with him trying her best to make lots of friends and keep the house clean. Meanwhile to end the fall Nervous Subject ran off with an invisible paper.


Mary:  The first few days were family wants, teach Isaiah to study, play with Isaiah, be best friends with Isaiah, etc.  Never threw wishes for her husband.  Then her pop secondary obviously kicked in and it became, make friends with so and so, throw parties, and once she threw parties she wanted to influence everyone to talk to each other, play with each other, etc.  She also wanted to eat cereal every morning and was by far the easiest to get 5 wishes for each day.
Ending wishes: Be BF with Tara (Kat), Isaiah grows up well, Have a party and Study Fire Safety.

Nathan: Was a pain this round.  He started out wanting to earn money and had tons of buy me buy me wishes.  Then came knowledge skilling wishes, body, charisma, any skill etc.  He also rolled up and usually keeps see a ghost and be saved from death.  Then of course he wanted to sell lots of lemonade.
Ending wishes: Reach Charisma level 5, See a ghost, Be saved from death, Stay home from work

Isaiah: Started with some typical kid wishes, wanting to do things with parents and make friends.  He would not lose the wish for a pet though, so Roux was added, and he wanted to do everything with Roux.  Praise Roux, scold Roux, play with Roux, command Roux to do so and so, etc.
Ending wishes: Reach Creativity level 5, Get A+ report card, Buy a piano, Tell an inside joke


  1. hahaha I haven't had very many lots where the kids don't roll up get a pet. I haven't seen the lemonade wish in my game, seeing and adult selling it was funny. hehehe! Keep feeding those fortune sim wishes! Buy me, buy me! Sell it back the next day! lol

    1. What's funny is Nathan started the week with those, and then just STOPPED wishing for things. It's Isaiah that keeps doing it. He's had buy a piano for about 4 days now. Ever since I bought the cat. lol He's REALLY happy I got that cat, rolls up wishes to do things with him ALL the time, so it was a good "investment." :D

  2. Sometimes I think our Sims can't make their minds up! lol. Mary knows what she wants though, and Fortune sims are rather fickle aren't they? A great introduction and great to see all those simmies! I miss my megahood now.. :D

    1. Mary certainly does seem to know what she wants. :) I have never really played with the maxis sims much, so this is a fun adventure. :)

  3. My mind kept trying to make sense of it all! I was like wait...Bottom doesn't belong here!! Wait...Nervous??? No...

    Even though I KNEW it was a Megahood, my mind kept saying, "This isn't right!!!"

    Love this!!!


    1. I understand. I see people from hoods I know and it takes me a second to "recover" from the confusion. :) Luckily I haven't played with many of the families so it isn't quite as bad for me. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  4. Fun with a 5-wishes megahood! It will provide us with entertainment forever :)

    1. Especially with this being my "take a break" hood. :)