Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Round 1: Goodie (Season 1: Fall)

Goodie Household:

Faith Goodie: Knowledge/Pleasure  |  LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind  |  First Wishes: Give Backrub/Flirt/Dance/Talk with Herbert  |  Fulfilled first: Talk to Herbert

Herbert Goodie: Knowledge/Pleasure  |  LTW: Become Mad Scientist  | First Wishes: Flirt/Give Backrub/Talk/Dance with Faith  |  Fulfilled first: Talk to Faith


Faith and Herbert started out kind of slow.  It was a good thing when the welcome wagon came and they were able to talk to and focus on other sims for awhile.

Faith's Pleasure side showed quickly and she started juggling bottles from the refrigerator.

Someone called and asked if Faith wanted to go on an outing.  Per my own rules she said yes.  They went somewhere downtown...don't remember the exact spot, and she met a lot of new sims.  It was a good outing, but ended quickly because Faith was really tired.

Both Faith and Herbert wished a lot for skills, as they are both Knowledge sims, so they spent a lot of time skilling.  Mostly from the book case currently.  They have both managed to reach level 10 in cooking.

They have a pretty nice little house and a lot of people call them up to talk randomly throughout the day.  Faith has started getting to know many of the sims in Megalahood by answering the phone.

They are always wishing for things together.  There is typically at least one date a day, and they are still very much in love with each other.

Herbert really wanted to win a cooking contest when he got good at cooking, so down to the culinary lot we went and he baked up some....salmon I think, and entered it in.  Luckily he won on the first try!

Back at home the elder acted more like teenagers and had a fun pillow fight.  They might never reach their LTW's, but they are still happy.

Then it was back to more skilling.  If they keep this up they both might reach IW's before they pass on.  Skilling was certainly a much desired goal.

To round off the round Faith also wanted to win a cooking contest, so back to the lot we went.  The same three people entered the contest, and 2 of the 3 made exactly the same dish they did before.  Faith took a page from Herbert's book (cookbook that is ;) ) and made Salmon, which won!


Faith:  Mostly wanted to do things with her husband or skill.  Lots and lots of skilling.  She also wished for friends some.  She was pretty easy to get 5 wishes for each day.  Towards the end starting wanting typically knowledge wants: see ghost, saved from death.
Ending wishes: Reach Max Cuisine Enthusiasm, Blog about Cuisine, Be saved from death, Serve Food

Herbert: Wanted to skill and date.  Every day he wanted a date with Faith...their bed and closet got quite a work out.  :)  Then he wanted to skill, and see a ghost and be saved from death.
Ending wishes: Be saved from death, Serve food, Reach Cleaning level 4, See a ghost.


  1. I've never played the Goodie's although they are friends with many of my sims! Great to read all about them, they look very contented. :)

    1. I haven't played almost any of the Maxis made families, so this has been fun. They are a little on the dull side of wishes, but they do feel contented. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, they are sweet and just content to be with each other. :)

  3. ha I have never played them either. The remind me of the Oldies in Pleasantview.

    1. That's kind of who they remind me of too. They are relaxing and easy to play, both being knowledge oriented. :)

  4. I loved the Goodies! Sadly, in my game, they both died at 74. Before that, Herbert became a Good Warlock and passed on his magic ability as well as his cauldron and spell book to his best friend, Matthew Hart.

    1. Welcome and thanks for reading. I do like the Goodies. So far they seem to be in pretty good shape life line wise, but it will be a LONG time before I get back to them. I play this hood as my "break" from my two prosperities. :) I haven't played a ton with witches yet, but that would have been fun to see.

  5. I'm starting reading this now, and I am enjoying it a lot! Make me want to start my own maga-hood as well! Keep up with it, good job!

    1. Welcome, and thanks. I always get inspired to play by reading blogs myself. :) I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment anytime. :)