Thursday, October 3, 2013

Round 1: Peterson (Season 1: Fall)

Peterson Household

Jessica Peterson: Fortune/Romance  |  LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind  |  First Wishes: Reach Creativity Level 1, Meet Someone New, Earn $100, Entertain  |  First Fulfilled: Earn $100


I found it quite fitting that Jessica would roll the secondary aspiration of Romance, since her story certainly lends itself to her being a bit of a romancer, and she has a hidden romance token apparently.  She wished for a cell phone and to meet people so out she went to get one.

She waiting around to meet people but not many people were there to meet.  She spent the time waiting watching the break dancer do his thing.  It was a slow day at the market, but she really needs to meet people.

Once she was home she received a surprising invite for an outing with Carlos and a group of people.  She was surprised because she was furious at Carlos. He was her ticket out.  He was rich and old.  All she was supposed to have to do was marry him, let him die and get all his money.  Then she could fund her criminal enterprises and get back at her ex for putting her here in the first place.  She went though, might as well get it over with. It wasn't all bad, she always wished to be a DJ and got her chance.


But then it was time.  She took Carlos to the side and told him their engagement was off, their relationship was off, their friendship was off.  Carlos wasn't fully taken a back by this, he figured this would be her reaction, but he had kind of hopped to be wrong about her.

So she went home, with a decent outing under her belt.  She wanted, desperately, to know more people and have some close guys around. Unfortunately, there weren't many around.  She worked with what she had in the trailer park manager, who was pretty cute.

Then she studied for her Slacker job.  She was really trying to break into the crime syndicate in the area but it was proving difficult.  No one really took her seriously, but she had to make money somehow.

Jessica was lonely and struggling to achieve wishes so to see if we could help the gypsy was called and a date was wished for.  It was a somewhat attractive date, 2-bolts, another older gentleman that probably reminded her a bit of Carlos.

He however, was not rich, and so he was kept simply as a person to call and possibly to date when the desire struck her. During the date, however, something happened.  I never saw who, but apparently the gnome in the flowers was stolen.  I would have never noticed except Jessica walked off the screen in the middle of her date, returning a few moments later with this message:

I had NEVER seen this in my game and found it quite interesting.  She has held onto the gnome to keep it from disappearing again for now. Carlos regularly comes by to kick over the trashcan....he didn't like loosing Jessica like that.  I think he wanted to break off the engagement himself, or maybe he's just jealous of Jessica's "relationship" with the manager.

Jessica tried to get to know some of her neighbors a bit more, not that she really expected any of them to have a lot of money, but when she did finally break into the crime world, she would need close friends to help cover for her.  It wasn't going very well though.

Then she made the mistake of flirting with the manage when her gypsy date showed up to hang out with her.  He wasn't happy to find her flirting with another man.  It was not Jessica's season.

So then it was back to skilling, which she started wanting to do randomly at times.  Since the trailer is so small she doesn't have room to buy any skilling objects and just has to do with what she's got.  Cleaning is a popular skill to "study"

Jessica has wanted to WooHoo since the beginning.  The landlord, Christopher, is close to being able to help her with that and now asks to hang out after he's done managing.  So to help him get done faster Jessica starts helping out around the grounds.

It helps and soon Christopher is ready to hang out.  A little more flirting and kissing later and they are finally in a crush status.  Still no WooHoo to be had though. Jessica is thinking of moving, she needs to find a new crime family who might let her in, and she doesn't want to be stuck doing petty crimes forever.  She does want to be rich.


Jessica: She is a pain!  Knowing almost no one and wishing for romantic interaction after romantic interaction was killing me.  I did screw up things with the gypsy date without meaning too, but they are almost friends again. Everyday she looked for a job in Criminal and it never came up.  I was thinking of moving her, with the engagement ended and having no room, it seems like it might be fun.
Ending Wishes: Ask Sim on a Date, Go to Work, Be BFF with Christopher, WooHoo (locked in)


  1. Is anyone ever screwing up relationships on purpose? :)

    1. LOL....sometimes I might on purpose. I did screw up her and Carlos on purpose. :D

  2. Poor Jessica! She's been doing better in my game, I am glad to report :-)
    But your story sounds a lot more realistic, and actually quite interesting to play.

    1. Her story was literally writing itself while I was playing. She was having such a hard time, and it just felt right to have her be like that with the way her wishes were working. :) She's fun!

  3. I do love the Gnomes, although often times Sims will get up in the middle of the night to go and steal them back, lol.
    Life is much harder for Sims on a budget isn't it? But I think Jessica is moving in the right direction- I like the thought of her being a Black Widow.. heh. :)

    1. Thanks for reading, I liked the way Jessica played in this version. Her wishes were really lending themselves to going in that direction, so I was happy to oblige and add a bit of color to the story. :D

  4. Carols is a blog hog.....haha...I have only played Belladonna Cove once, and I have to say I didn't find it that interesting. You make it fun. :)

    1. Carlos was a neighborhood hog. lol He set up almost every outing, and he's fun. I wasn't sure if I would like playing all the Maxis sims, but with wishes, this hood at least, was a ton of fun to play. Plus, they gave me some great story type moments. :D