Monday, May 12, 2014

Round 1: Patel (Season 1: Fall)

Patel Household

Ramir Patel: Popularity/Fortune  |  LTW: Become Celebrity Chef  |  First Wishes: Talk, Invite Someone Over, Have a Party, Have a Baby  |  First Fulfilled: Talk (with Ana)

Ana Patel: Family/Grilled Cheese  |  LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren  |  First Wishes: Have a Baby, Gain a Skill Point, Talk, Invite Someone Over  |  First Fulfilled: Talk (with Ramir)


When we first open the lot and meet Ana and Ramir, the first thing that is hard to miss is Ana is VERY pregnant.  That made having them both want for a baby and easy wish to lock in for later.

Ramir is actually a very good husband and rolls quite a few wants revolving around his very pregnant wife.  He wants to do things like give her back rubs and talk to her often.

He also, autonomously, will interact with her belly and talk to the unborn baby.  It's clear he's excited to be a father.  Looking at this apartment, however, it's clear it wasn't meant for a whole family to live in, so they will likely need to move at some point.

Ana rolled a secondary aspiration when we started (as is one of the rules we follow here in Megalahood) and got Grilled Cheese.  So many GC sims have a rough time finding people to discuss and share their passion with...although we have quite a few of them here in Belladonna Cove.  Luckily, Ramir proves to be an amazing husband and is willing to talk up GC whenever Ana wants, even if he's not overly interested in the subject himself.

Ana got invited on an outing downtown, so to follow our own rules she heads out, vowing not to stay too long.  While there we see a face who will be VERY familiar to any Sims 2 fans.

Back at home I fall a little more in love with Ramir who gets a wish to Learn to Cook Grilled Cheese.  It's like he KNOWS his wife will want more while she's pregnant and he wants to learn how to make her favorite food.

He made sure to get his wife's opinion and she was happy to eat some additional Grilled Cheese.  So far Ramir has been very simple to keep fulfilling wishes for.

Carlos Contender, the blog hog these days, calls and invites the couple to go on an outing with him, so they both head out.  There are many different people a part of the group.

Ana tries to find another people who is willing to talk about Grilled Cheese with her, and finds it's not actually as easy as she first thought.  

The day for the baby finally arrives and in the main bedroom, Ana goes into labor. (Yes, amazingly enough she did NOT go into labor in the bathroom...which I really kind of expected.)

The baby is born at 5:53 AM on Tuesday March 9, 2002 (year 2) and gets BC pop name 166 for girls, Erin.  Ramir is thrilled to be a daddy and loves his little Erin.

Ana is very happy to only be eating for one again, but still can enjoy an entire plate of Grilled Cheese sandwiches all by herself.  Her wishes are pretty easy.

Even with the pregnancy over Ramir proves he is still a very good husband and Ana is grateful to have a spouse willing to talk with her about her passions.  (She is VERY lucky, many of them don't.)

The popularity sim side starts to take over for Ramir and he wishes to meet people and throw parties.  Being in apartment this isn't terribly hard, but it's becoming more difficult to fulfill all the needed wishes every day.

Ana had a job in culinary at the beginning of the house, but Ramir did not.  Ana must have pulled some strings at work, or jumped on an opening for her husband because they now work at the same places hosting.  Sadly, a bad chance card demoted I believe Ramir.

Another sim called for an outing, or maybe Ramir wanted to go on an outing this time, so a nanny was called and off the family went back downtown to hang out with some new people.

Ramir is getting close with Geoff Rutherford and invites him over.  They hang out an talk a bit, and when Ana comes home we see that somehow the family ended up with 2 nannies....neither of which took great care of baby Erin.

Before we even realize it, since we feel like we've been running ragged trying to keep up with wishes it's time for Erin's birthday.  Ramir goes and helps her grow up without any sort of party or cake.  She is a very cute little girl.

Erin Patel: Toddler  |  LTW: None  |  First Wishes: Buy a Toy, Be Snuggled by Ramir, Be Read to By Ramir, Be Played with by Ramir  |  First Fulfilled: Buy a Toy

We discover that Erin is VERY much a daddy's girl.  Meanwhile, Ana hasn't really had any desires surrounding her daughter so far, even though she's a family sim.  The grilled cheese has taken over her life.  Instead, we find her repairing the bathtub.

As fall comes to a close we catch a glimpse of Ramir being a good father and teaching his baby girl to walk.  That could be dangerous if sim children could fall down stairs.  It's a good thing she will be safe.



Ramir: He started out so easy, wishing for things to do with his wife left and right.  Then his popularity portion took over and it started getting more difficult.  After baby Erin was born it got harder to reach wants all the time, and now that she's a toddler we will what happens.
Ending Wishes: Have 5 Best Friends, Earn $3500, Go on Island Vacation, Reach Cooking Level 7

Ana: After getting Grilled Cheese as secondary in the start she didn't look back, was mostly easy to keep happy just doing Grilled Cheese stuff, and the fact Ramir would talk to her about it made it even easier.  Has yet to really want to be a part of Erin's life, other than "wishing her well" so to speak.
Ending Wishes: Erin Grows Up Well, Sever Grilled Cheese, Have a Baby (Locked), Eat Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Erin: Just born in the round so there wasn't much to her wishes or play just yet.  Next round will be mostly toddler training, so that should be fairly each wishes to reach once in awhile.
Ending Wishes: Reach Logic Level 9, Learn to Talk, Grow Up Well, Be Snuggled by Ramir


  1. An interesting glimpse into the Patels' family life. Ramir really is a wonderful husband! How did you choose where they would live? The Patels are already elderly in my game; their firstborn, Parvati, has just started college.

    1. Um...if they weren't already in that apartment when the hood was loaded I think it was just sort of randomly place them in the hood they came packaged with. I honestly don't remember, I set it up so long ago. They will be moving, but I'm not sure where yet. :) You were fast, and there's another post up now. :)

  2. The Patels i believe start off in one of the apartments, in one of the newish neighbourhoods can't rememeber which one. I was just looking at this blog the other day and was wondering if you were going to update or not.

    1. Ok, I thought they started in the apartment. I left everyone where they started, unless they were in the bin and then I just figured out which expansion they came in and moved them into the hood that came with that expansion. They are in Belladonna Cove right now.

      Thanks for coming by again. This is my least frequently updated blog since it's my "I need a break from my other hoods" blog. :) Although, I hope to play a little more frequently in all my hoods, I've been slacking quite a bit. All three are still alive though and will be getting updates, so I hope you keep checking back. :)

  3. Are the Patels residents of the original Belladonna hood? I don't recognize them, but maybe I'll find them along my list of remaining households in Belladonna :)

    1. I believe they are yes, but they might be sims that came with the expansion Belladonna came with but in the sim bin. However, according to the sims 2 wiki they were in their apartment in the expansion.

  4. I don't believe I have ever played the Patels 'seriously'. How did I miss them with the big pregnant belly? I love TS2 babies. :-)


    1. I'm not sure how you missed them. :) They were really interesting to play at times, and very boring to play other times. I very much dislike their apartment. It's not the worst, but it's not really set up well.

  5. I wanna start a Megahood again now after reading about everyone else's! haha. I need to carry on with Pleasantview until I reach the goal I set myself though. :)
    Great family but shame about the tiny apartments. It's so hard to fit everything in. :D

    1. I really is. They WILL be moving to a house next in like 10 years. lol I know what you mean, I always feel like playing or starting something new when I read other people's blogs. It's good to finish your game goals though. This is my "break" hood, but I've been playing it when I get tired of Uni in Fellowship One recently. :)