Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Round 1: Kim (Season 1: Fall)

Kim Household

Cynthia Kim: Popularity/Grilled Cheese  |  LTW: Become General  |  First Wishes: Meet Someone New, Make a Friend, Get a Job in the Athletic Career, Get a Job in the Politics Career  |  First Fulfilled: Get a in the Athletic Career

Robert Kim: Fortune/Family  |  LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer  |  First Wishes: Earn $100, Earn Some Money, Get Justin into Private School, Talk to Justin  |  First Fulfilled: Talk to Justin

Justin Kim: Child  |  LTW: None  |  First Wishes: Gabby Learns to Shake (dog), Gabby Learns to Roll Over, Be Friends with Gabby, Be Friends with Cheech (cat)  |  First Fulfilled: Be Friends with Gabby


When we first started this house and tried to play for a bit it was too much and took me awhile to get back to.  So, for the first few hours of this house we have no pictures.  When I loaded it back up the welcome wagon was there, and the headmaster was on his way to reach Roberts wish for Justin to get into private school.  Tara Kat was over and she is a willing person for Cynthia to talk Grilled Cheese with.

Both Cynthia and Robert went into the Athletics career, even though it's neither of their wants.  Later in the day the headmaster came by and Robert showed him around the house.

The welcome wagon was still there, and Cynthia, who doesn't have a lot of cooking skill made Spaghetti for dinner.  There were some dirty plates that Julian Cook was complaining about.

While the headmaster was eating dinner Robert got invited Downtown on an outing.  Since we are required to go when possible he headed down and left his wife to continue entertaining.  It was a social outing and there were quite a few people there.

While downtown Robert rolled up a wish to take a photo in the photobooth, so I obliged him.  Then he decided to play some games before heading back home to his wife and the headmaster of the private school.

The headmaster was still around, but Cynthia wasn't very good at shmoozing him very well so Robert took over and successfully got Justin into private school, fulfilling a big wish.

Justin is forever wanting to do things with their two pets, Gabby the dog and Cheech the cat.  The start of the week has Justin wanting to teach Cheech to shake, which he then wants to command Cheech to do most mornings.

Justin is an equal pet lover and have similar wishes for Gabby the dog, only the "trick" is to sit up for Gabby.  I almost think Cheech got the easier end of that deal.

After only going to work once Cynthia got a bad chance card and was fired from her Athletics job.  She wasn't happy, but I was ok with having her stay at home for awhile.

After training the pets up Justin wanted to have help with his homework, so he asked his mom.  When his dad got home Robert had a wish to help Justin with his homework.  Luckily, Cynthia was too stinky to help the whole time so Robert got to fulfill his wish and so did Justin.

Cynthia was having a tough week.  She was doing ok at fulfilling wishes, but wasn't having any fun doing it.  The family didn't have a stereo so we bought one and she made some great use of it to help fun levels.

Not knowing many people in the hood is hard on popularity sims, because they don't have many people to talk to.  Cynthia made use of most "walk bys" and great many of them, including Lola Curious.

Then Cynthia started throwing parties, which included the headmaster, one of the few sims she knew.  They put the hot tub to good use, and before you know it Cynthia was a very happy, fulfill sim again.

As Justin headed off to school in his new uniform, the gypsy lady snuck up the front steps, and then around the back of the house to drop off a lamp.  We haven't used it yet.

Cynthia was checking the paper every day for a job in the Military and wasn't having much lucky.  She past the time while Justin was at school by talking with people who came by, or called, and by going to community lots where she occasionally would play chess with anyone who wanted (or just practice alone.)

The family is close knit, and I love the fact that kids will great their parents.  Robert is doing very well in the athletic career and hopefully someday he can use all these body skills in his real wish of being a dancer.

While still waiting for her dream job Cynthia wanted to learn couple's counseling. It's sort of funny since so far no one she knows doesn't like each other....I'm pretty sure anyway, but she learns it all the same.

Then of course it's back to parties and getting to know people.  She did eventually find that Military job and also brought friends home from there as well.

Justin took a break from pet wishes and realized he was human and could have human friends too.  He brought little Glen Cleveland home from school and eventually wished to be friends.

Justin was fairly easy to keep happy and fulfill wishes for most days.  Once he got his wishes in he was left to his own devices and almost always just played with his toys.

One day Cynthia brought home a fairly common face, General Buzz Grunt.  They talk about food, like soup and then they have a pillow fight....which I found quite amusing to watch the General do.

Robert, still in the Athletics career brings home friends once in awhile too, and right toward the end of fall he brings home a VERY familiar face in Mr. Daniel Pleasant.

To finish off the season Robert wanted to get his final body point, so using the fall boost and a thinking cap he worked long into the night and was able to achieve his goal.



Cynthia Kim: She started off really tough.  Not knowing sims in a hood can be really hard, and Robert wouldn't let her talk with him about Grilled Cheese, so even those wishes were tough to fulfill.  By the end though she was doing great and one of the easiest to keep meeting wants for.
Ending Wishes: Talk to Sim About Grilled Cheese, Be BF with General Buzz, Meet Someone New, Be BF with Sadie

Robert Kim: Neither Robert nor Cynthia ever wished for each other.  All the family wished to do things with the pets, and Robert wanted to do things with his son.  For a fortune thing, other than a car and a couple other minor things he had no buy me wishes.
Ending Wishes: Buy a Car, Get a Promotion (Locked), Justin Grows Up Well, Be BF with Daniel (Pleasant)

Justin Kim: Had the most wishes around pets.  Most made it easy to fulfill multiple wishes quickly, but some days it was only training the animals, and that took more time than we had in the day.  Other than a few wishes around Glen, didn't have almost any wishes outside of the animals.
Ending Wishes: Command Cheech to Stay, Get A+ Report Card, Command Cheech to Come Here, Praise Cheech

I didn't start keeping track of this before this house, and I had already done some of the first day, so I won't count that day for this first one, but j68 had done this in her wishes hood and I liked the idea of seeing how well I did percentage wise at meeting wishes so here is the first table of many more to come. :)


  1. i like that idea of using percentage table but i think it would take to much of my time, so i won't bother. But sometimes it is very hard to get any wishes done at all.

    1. Yes, sometimes it is. This table was really quick, so it wasn't too bad. :) A LOT of those days were very close to actually gaining 5 wishes (many days at 4.) So I might start tracking how many a day, as opposed to did they make 5 or not.

  2. A nostalgic visit with the Kims for me! Sadly, in my hood, Cynthia and Robert died in a yard fire and their pets were taken to the shelter. This happened while Justin was away at college, and I have not yet decided whether upon his graduation he should re-adopt Gabby and Cheech.
    Don't you just love watching your Sims pillow-fight - especially entertaining when it is someone like General Grunt :-)

    1. Watching General Grunt pillow fight was one of the highlights of this house this round. It was just too funny. Sad about Cynthia and Robert in your hood. I wasn't sure I liked them much when I started, but they've grown on me. :)

  3. Nice to see the percentage table at work :)
    I don't know this family well, but I recognize them at least - they seem to be a bit distant towards each other, don't they?

    1. That is a very good observation. I don't think, other than parent to child (for like homework help) there were any wishes for interactions with each other. The parents NEVER wished for each other, and Justin only wished for the pet, other than to have homework help....and then he didn't care who, just someone. It will be interesting to see if the wishes change.

  4. I haven't played this family either. But reading the comments above makes me think about the Burb family in Pleasantview. Jennifer is so distant from John. Wow.

    1. Yeah, I think they are kind of the representation of them in this hood....like many of the families are mirrored. They were NOT fun for me at the beginning, I had trouble getting into them, but eventually I got into it, mostly because of Justin. He's a fun boy.

  5. I've played the Kim's once or twice but never got into them that much. I do like their house even though it's routing is terrible!
    Looks they they are doing great. :)

    1. They weren't my favorite family, that's for sure. They weren't terrible, but they are kind of bland. I hope to get some more enjoyment out of them next round...whenever I get there. Thanks for reading. :)