Monday, May 12, 2014

Belladonna Cove Completed

I have decided to put a small little "completion" post at the end of each hood, and then we'll do a full round completed one after the entire round is done.  For the small hood updates, I'll do numbers of sims, in the hood, breakdowns of ages, genders, and aspirations and other hood information for fun.  Then I will give overall "points" for the entire round at the end of each round when we finally get there.  So here it goes!

Total Sims in Belladonna Cove: 33
Alive: 33 Active
Dead: 0 deceased

Males: 15
Females: 18

Elders: 3
Adults: 19
Teens: 3
Children: 5
Toddlers: 1
Babies: 2

Primary Aspirations:
Family: 6
Fortune: 5
Knowledge: 8
Pleasure: 0
Romance: 3
Popularity: 3
Grilled Cheese: 0
Grow Up: 8

Secondary Aspirations:
Family: 3
Fortune: 3
Knowledge: 1
Pleasure: 4
Romance: 2
Popularity: 7
Grilled Cheese: 5
Grow Up: 8

We have a good mix so far of male and females in this hood.  There are many adults at the moment, but we have some younger kids come up.  The aspirations are interesting to me, as we have no primarily pleasure sims at the moment, but we do have a lot of secondary pleasure sims.  Since these are all Maxis made sims I find it interesting they didn't make any pleasure based in these later hoods.  Now off to Desiderata Valley.


  1. This is interesting! I have never put together stats of this kind for my New Maximiliania, but I do think I should play more with the secondary aspirations.

    1. Yeah, I just decided I wanted to see what the stats were like. Each hood is so different, and I also just wanted to see where my die rolls send people. :)

  2. I love statistics! Fun to see yours :)

    1. Yeah, I'm a total nerd with this game and love to see stats too. :) Thanks for coming by and reading.