Monday, May 14, 2018

Round 1: Academie La Tour: Boggs Dorm (Freshman/Sophomore Years)

Boggs Dorm:

Chaz Whippler: Romance/Grilled Cheese | LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers | First Wishes: WooHoo, Buy a Double Bed, Flirt, Meet Someone New | Fulfilled First: Meet Someone New | Major: Literature

Ellen Frost: Fortune/Knowledge | LTW: Become Head of SCIA | First Wishes: Earn $100, Buy a Painting, Earn Some Money, Buy a Sculpture | Fulfilled First: Buy a Painting | Major: Economics

Phineaus Furley: Family/Grilled Cheese | LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College | First Wishes: Flirt, Meet Someone New, Fall in Love, Play with Chaz (Whippler) | Fulfilled First: Play with Chaz (Whippler) | Major: Political Science


The first few days of this house I apparently played awhile back.  I don't fully remember everything that happened, but hopefully, with the pictures, we will figure it out. Chaz, with a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese, wants to find people to talk with.  He tried with this dormie, but she didn't want to talk.

Phineaus is also a secondary Grille Cheese and also would like to talk to people about it.  This dormie, who I cannot remember the name of right now, accepts this discussion topic and they enjoy the conversation.

Ellen, being the knowledge sim, wanted to do research with people, and so she does with these couple of other sims in the dorms.  She is very interested in keeping her grades up.

Chaz is desperate to find someone to Woohoo with.  He hopes to find a dormie girl attractive.  This one is decent and so he talks with her awhile, then rolls up a wish to ask her out on a date, so he tries....and gets shot down.

Ellen, in the meantime, needs a body skill point, so she heads to the gym to get this skill.  I believe she just rolled for a random skill, but she needed a body skill so it was chosen.

Chaz has found the cheerleader Wendy to be attractive and she asks him out on a date.  They had already had a date, but unfortunately, it didn't last long since Chaz had to go to class.

Back at the dorms Chaz and Phineaus talk grilled cheese.  Since they are both Grilled Cheese sims this, of course, goes well and meets wishes for both.  They then play some kicky bag and become better friends.

Ellen, meanwhile, has found a dormie boy that is actually very attractive to her.  I don't remember this guys name, but she found him and wanted to do a few things with him.

Phineaus isn't the most exciting sim, he spends a lot of time wanting to eat or serve grilled cheese, which he does nearly every day since he wishes for it.

Chaz takes Wendy, the cheerleader, out again and tries to make the best out of this particular date.  They go to whatever lot this is and start their date.  They get a good way through it, and then lose wishes for each other.  So they end the date, and Chaz takes the time to talk with Ms. Sharp.

Ellen spends some more time talking about her hobby, Cuisine, with her dormie love interest.  I haven't decided if I will let her keep him, or see if a playable might catch her eye later.

Phineaus went into a spiral of wanting to study specific things.  Here he is finishing his Fire Safty study.  He actually got through it quickly, since it was fall.

He continues to try and find who will talk Grilled Cheese.  I believe, from this picture, DJ Verse will talk Grilled Cheese with sims.  That's an important thing to know as she is playable and will move into one of the hoods later.

Ellen, who wants to make money left and right, got herself a simoleon tree, which promptly died since she never took care of it.

Janette....I think that's it, she catches Chaz's eye and they start flirting.  He throws a bunch of wishes for her for awhile, and they are soon crushing on each other.

Chaz comes home from finishing up his current semester.  With this picture, I will mention that the first year Chaz got a C and then a B.  Ellen ended up with A+'s for her freshman year, and Phineaus received B's for both of his semesters during this year.

Back at the dorms, Chaz finds this dormie willing to discuss Grilled Cheese with him.  They are actually quite a few dormies in this dorm that will discuss Grilled Cheese.  That is great for the two sims here who want to discuss it.

Phineaus wished for a skill, so he goes to the pool to get his body skill up to where it needed to be.  He left shortly after getting his skill point.

Chaz was likely in heaven sitting here between his two favorite girls, at least at the moment.  He's got a crush for both of these girls.

Phineaus, who really wanted to meet a girl, went to a new spot and found this girl, Sarah Love and she was 2-bolts hot.  Now, I know she actually has another love, but we will see what happens.  She is the first 2-bolt girl Phineaus has found.

Chaz took out the cheerleader, Wendy, again and she wanted to go downtown.  So off they went to the Crypt O Night club.  He started off with a backrub and they even took a sweet picture together.

Shortly after they took the picture, the date ended as a dream date, but they continued to enjoy each others company and made out.  They then hopped back into the photo booth for a little more fun.  They are still not in love, but well on their way.

Chaz suddenly wanted to start doing more in school.  He started wishing to go to class, as well as to get skill points.  Since he needed body skills, he headed to the gym and got on the treadmill.

In the dorm, Elle and Phineaus spend time playing chess together.  Ellen has become fairly obsessed with chess, wanting to spend a bunch of time playing.

The coach begins to come by nearly every day and yell at Chaz, twice.  That's right, he gets 2 "workout" actions every time the coach comes by.  I usually let him go ahead and work out because he still needs body skills.

Many of the dormies and the playables have become friends, or are becoming friends.  The streaker girl also visits frequently.

Chaz, all on his own, suddenly decides he wants to learn to paint.  He spends multiple hours at this easel and gets all of the creativity skills he needed for this semester.

Ellen has a date with this dormie, but Chaz isn't happy.  He had a crush on her, and even though he has multiple other loves and crushes, this one apparently is unacceptable.

I have never seen a sim "restock" the fish tank by themselves before, but here is Ellen doing just that.

Because of the date with Ellen, Chaz and this dormie now hate each other.  When they come home around the same time from school, this is what happens.  I'm expecting a full fight to break out soon.

We end this update with Phineaus wanting to fall in love.  Since there is only one girl we have found that has enough attraction to make us want to bring them together, he invites over Sarah Love, and indeed there is love.

The sophomore year for each of these sims was decently successful.  Chaz received an A+ and a C, Phineaus received A+'s for both semesters, and Ellen received an A+ and a B.


Chaz Whippler: Started off really hard.  He wanted that WooHoo so badly but had no girls that he had a good relationship with to do it with.  Once he got the woohoo he became much easier.  He loves to play darts and occasionally gets really into school.
Ending Wishes: Ask Sim on Date, Influence Someone to Make Grilled Cheese, Buy a Guitar, Serve Grilled Cheese, Be Flirted Wish

Ellen Frost: She was hit or miss on her wishes.  Sometimes she had wishes that were simply to meet and other times she had impossible wishes.  Her knowledge side really came out wanting to be saved from death, or to see a ghost most of the time.
Ending Wishes: Talk About Hobby, Serve Food, Play Chess, Do Research with Someone, Play Marco Polo

Phineaus Furley: He was the easiest sim to keep happy.  Wished for grilled cheese items, to eat, to serve, etc, every day. They were easy to meet and kept him pretty happy.  He did, towards the end, become much more interested in falling in love and doing other "family sim" type thing.
Ending Wishes: Eat Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Get Engaged to Sarah (Love), Buy a Drum Kit, Entertain Sarah (Love), Gain a Skill Point

Funny Picture:

I thought this was funny.  I don't often see two cow mascots at the same time.  They aren't identical, which I never noticed before.


  1. Nice to see you, lovely update, i am not good at playing college, i have at fully speed, and not that many days, and I chose people partners.

    1. College can be hit or miss for me. I found that playing wishes it was actually pretty fun. If they didn't wish for it or do it on their own it pretty much didn't happen. There was a couple of times I directed something, but I tried to focus on only meeting wishes then letting them do as they pleased. Glad to see you back as well. I've got another update I just need to write for Breeze Point too.

  2. A fun read, thank you! I've never seen a Sim restock the fish tank on their own accord, either, and like you, I didn't realise the cow costumes aren't all the same.
    Sarah and Phineaus look a nice enough couple. I wonder how Sarah's boyfriend Matthew Hart will react.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I thought it was funny to see the cow mascots talking to each other and then noticed the spots weren't the same. :) So many things to still "notice" about this game after so many years. I did know Sarah had a love in Matthew, just from looking her up on the wiki, but we play wishes around here. Who knows, when we get to her house maybe she'll break Phineaus' heart. I hope not, but we'll see what she wishes for.

  3. Hey Ciyrose! I'm a bit late to the party but always love your updates!
    Uni is fun when I'm playing it, it's the thought I'm not so keen on!
    I have found that some cow mascots are girls, and some boys, maybe that's why they are different? I'll have to look more closely next time.

    1. It's never to late to join the party in my mind. :D I'm glad you stopped by and commented. I did know some were guys and some were girls, but juts never noticed they had different spots. I'll have to pay more attention and see if that's it. :)