Monday, May 14, 2018

Round 1: Academie La Tour - 25 Bundt Way (Freshman/Sophomore Years)

O'Feefe Household

Delilah O'Feefe: Knowledge/Fortune | LTW: Become Game Designer | First Wishes: Buy a Bookcase, Gain a Skill Point, Hire a Maid, Invite Someone Over | Fulfilled First: Buy a Bookcase | Major: Art


We have only a single sim in this house.  This is Delilah O'Feefe and her knowledge sim took over the first day, and she wanted to skill a lot. Once I got her that first skill she just skilled it up for a few hours.

After a while, she had to go to class and when she came back she wanted to do an assignment and so I sat her down and did that.

This is frequently what she wanted to do when she got home from class, do an assignment, so she did a lot of assignments over the course of the years.

Delilah doesn't have a lot of money, but she was able to get a chess board, and when she needed a skill she worked on some logic.  She then loved to sit and play chess.

However, Delilah did not have an easy week.  She REFUSED to eat or make herself food.  She has cooking skills, I forced her a couple of times, but she would wait until she was nearly dead to go "stuff her face" from the fridge and then would drink a liquid meal or eat chips.  That's it.  Rinse and repeat.  This kept her from meeting wishes frequently.

She did want to and eventually did, leave Physiology and discuss it with Mr. Starchild.  He is a 2-bolt attraction and may make a good match for Delilah someday.

She is also attracted to Mathew Hart.  They don't have a lot in common, however, so I'm not sure if this will be good or not.

At the end of the semesters, Delilah gets invited to Games of Glory from all her time at the chess table.  Delilah got B's and A+'s through all her semesters.  Most of the time spent starving or nearly starving.


Delilah O'Feefe: She was a PAIN to play.  She didn't ever take care of herself.  She refused to make food (although occasionally she wished to eat something specific, which allowed us to force her to cook) and was always at the bottom of her hygiene and bladder bars.  She was a knowledge sim and would sometime wish for skills, and sometimes wished for the see a ghost, saved from dying type wishes. So far she has managed to make decent grades, and hopefully, she will survive until graduation. 


  1. oh dear, not good nearly losing a sim on first play.

    1. She was impossible! I try not to direct beyond getting wishes. Sometimes I had to with her though, because she never took care of herself. She would honestly start to paint, then stop and complain about being hungry, start to paint complain about being hungry up until she was at her last sliver of hunger, then go stuff her face, drink a liquid meal and start the process all over again.

  2. I always had a soft spot for Delilah... my version of her seems to have been very different from yours, even though she (and the original house) look exactly the same. Hopefully, she will make it through college without starving to death!

    1. I don't know what was happening with her. It was horrible. I don't know if she just hates to cook, or what. Even if I took her to a community lot where they served food she wouldn't go eat it without being near death. I really thought, single knowledge/fortune sim, this should be easy to get wishes for. Boy did she prove me wrong. I am not sure she will survive college, but we will see. Hopefully she can get out of, whatever phase this is, and be healthy again.

  3. Typical student probably, likes eating but not making the effort of cooking!
    It's never as much fun when a Sim lives alone but Delilah seemed to have a good productive week.

    1. Yeah, the biggest issue is I would break and have her prepare a meal, but she still wouldn't eat them until starving. lol Silly sims. I guess she was so engrossed in studying she didn't think about it. Thanks for the comment!