Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Round 1: Academie La Tour: Lam Plaza Dorm (Freshman/Sophomore Years)

Biggs Household

Marla Biggs: Knowledge/Fortune | LTW: Max Out 7 Skills | First Wishes: Buy a Telescope Costing at least $500, Buy a Painting, Earn Some Money, Buy a Sculpture | Fulfilled First: Buy a Sculpture | Major: Biology


We are at another house with a single sim, although this time Marla lives in one of the dorms, so there are a lot of other people around for her to want to interact with.  Even though she is a knowledge sim her first wishes were to fulfill things for the fortune side of her.

Right after we load the lot the university coach shows up and yells at Marla and she launches into a workout.  She is not a fit sim, but she works out for a while and then stops.

She doesn't know anyone in the dorm really, and this girl comes up and talks to her about kissing.  We have a moment of wondering if Marla will be more interested in girls than guys, but we soon find out that is not true.

Marla went and got a cell phone, but while she was there we caught Mathew Hart (who we haven't played yet) working on being friends with an SS member.  Maybe he'll be someone who actually gets into the SS in this play.

Back at the dorm Marls talks to this guy, I don't remember his name now, about college and then her knowledge wishes start to kick in.  She wanted skill points, which was good because she needed a couple for the semester.

Then she wanted to do homework.  She started wanting higher and higher levels of cooking skill and when she reached level 5 she wanted to win a cooking competition.  I used to think she wouldn't be able to do this since she wasn't invited to a hobby lot.  But reading other blogs showed me there is a location she could go.  So down to Copur Kitchen Cook-off we went.

Marla entered her chili and then waited.  We see another familiar sim, one of the Cordial sisters is also entering.  Then something sort of weird happened, and two more people brought food to the table, then left.  The judge went through and judged them all and amazingly enough, Marla won!  She did look happy right after this picture was taken.

Marla then had a strong desire to eat her, now, award-winning chili.  So, she grabbed a bowl and sat down.  Samantha Cordial-Rutherford grabs one of her omelets and sits down with her.  She doesn't stay long though.

Back at the dorms, Marla is back to wanting to do homework most days, so she sits and does some homework while no one else is around.

Then Marla starting wanting to talk about her cooking hobby.  So she talks with this dormmate.  This is actually fairly unusual as Marla is EXTREMELY shy.  She only has 1 outgoing/shy point.

Then her hobby takes over again, and she wants to serve food.  I believe she also wanted to eat spaghetti, so she served the dormmates spaghetti and grabbed a plate for herself.  Quick wishes met.

Then the coach is back.  Marla hasn't gotten any healthier and, indeed, is actually showing no "line" on the fitness bar at all.  She is as unfit as can possibly be.  We let her work out for awhile this time, though since she needs a body point.  Maybe at some point, she will get into a fitness kick, but not yet.

To switch up some wishes, and because she was showing a wish to get an MP3 player (and it was the only wish I could achieve at that moment) she went to the shops.  As soon as she arrived she didn't want the MP3 player anymore (that's ok with me) but wanted to do homework, so she sat down, but was so tired she never finished it.

Back and home Marla autonomously wanted to dance.  This picture shows just how shy she is.  I didn't really realize HOW awkward shy sims dance, but the guy dancing beside her seems really concerned about her.

Then knowledge wishes came back.  She wanted to do research with someone and this dormmate was already researching so she quickly joined him.

Then she wanted to gain more skills, so she studied something else....maybe mechanical at this point?  Not sure anymore, but skill points were achieved.

Marla also needed logic, so when the desire came up she sat and practiced at the chess board.

Her fortune side took over again for a bit and she wanted to make a certain amount of money.  The money tree wasn't cutting it, and she wasn't good enough at painting to make money there, so she worked in the cafeteria for a while.

Then, needing more body skills, she jumped rope right outside her bedroom.

Marla really wanted to eat Mac and Cheese one day, and it's what the cafeteria was serving.  I thought GREAT, and she grabbed a bowl.  It didn't earn the wish.  She ended up having to make her own bowl, not eat what the cafeteria lady made, to earn the wish. I double checked and it was to eat, not learn how to make.

Then Marla finished a painting she had started a while ago.  She also got a creativity skill point in the process, earning some wish points.

She then started throwing wishes for her hobby again and wanted to talk about it.  This dormmate was not interesting in talking about her cuisine enthusiasm.

Marla takes good care of her money tree, and finally reaches whichever milestone in money earning she wanted here.  Her fortune side is very strong.

Autonomously this dormmate flirted with Marla.  She accepted it, but nothing else happened with these two so far, and she hasn't thrown any wishes for him.

Then the coach was back and Marla was back to trying to work out.

Marla wanted, desperately, for a bass.  So once she finally had enough money saved up, she purchased one.  It took a lot of her saved money, but Marla loves to perform and started getting creativity skills left and right.

Then right before the end of the round, Marla wanted to win another cooking contest.  This time she went to the hobby lot since she had finally been invited.  She entered her chili again and crossed her fingers.

And, even though I was concerned about a couple of the other entries she won once again and was very happy.


Marla: She was so easy to keep happy, and reached her 5 wishes most days.  Once she earned that first cooking skill point it became her life.  Even though she has other hobby interests now, she always comes back to cooking.  Her knowledge and fortune sides seemed to war with each other, some days she wanted knowledge wishes, other days fortune wishes, but both were easily met as a whole.  So far Marla's wishes have led her to have an A+ and she is well on her way to being a 4.0 student.  Right at the end of the round she starting throwing a random wish to be flirted with so we will see what happens with that.
Ending Wishes: Do assignment, Write Term Paper, Learn Anger Management, Eat Mac and Cheese, Eat Spaghetti


  1. That was fun to read! Believe it or not, I have a shy friend who sometimes goes dancing with me and the other "girls", and she dances just like a shy Sim.
    Strange that the "eat Mac and Cheese" wasn't fulfilled, sounds like a bug to me. Congratulations on two wins at the food contest!

    1. Yeah the Mac and Cheese was weird, but she just made some herself and it fulfilled fine. I hate that happen one other time with burnt food, so maybe the Mac and Cheese was not good. :) That is interesting about your shy friend, I guess they got it pretty accurate then. Thanks for reading!

  2. That was a fun picture with Marla dancing and the guy looking on, :D
    I've never really played her but she looks like a good Sim to play, even if her Fortune & Knowledge wishes clash sometimes!

    1. She was actually a ton of fun to play. She may be super shy, but she loves to perform on the bass, and LOVES to cook. It's been a lot of fun to have the variety of wishes she threw.