Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Round 1: Academie La Tour: Mille Dorms (Freshman/Sophomore Years)

Students Household

Emily Lee: Knowledge/Romance | LTW: Become City Planner | First Wishes: Flirt, Buy a Telescope Costing at Least $500, WooHoo, Buy a Double Bed | Fulfilled First: Buy a Double Bed | Major: History

Tom Freshe: Fortune/Grilled Cheese | LTW: Become Business Tycoon | First Wishes: Buy a Painting, Earn $100, Earn Some Money, Influence Someone to Make Grilled Cheese | Fulfilled First: Buy a Painting | Major: Economics


We now visit the Mille Dorms where we have 2 sims living.  We have our first sim in uni to get a double bed in a dorm (I usually don't allow them) and then we start decorating the dorm with paintings.  Emily starts talking to and checking out everyon in the dorm.  She will need someone to Woohoo with to fulfill that wish.

She then wishes for a skill point, and since she needs a body skill she jumps rop in right outside the room.

Tom is a slave to the Grilled Cheese.  He finds out this girl in the dorm will talk with him about it, which is good.

He then wants to do something on the computer, probably earn some money, as a fortune sim.

But then it's back to grilled cheese.  So he serves some and eats some and fulfills some wishes again.

Emily wants to date and to flirt, and the only person he has a high enough relationship with is Tom.  So she asks him and he accepts the date.  They have a good time, and end up crushing on each other by the end.

They only have a single bolt of attraction but Tom's turn on's are make up and jewlrey.  She doesn't have any jewlrey but Emily can put on make-up.

They autonomously flirt with each other, and I guess, even though there is a 2-bolter in the dorm, this appears where wishes are headed for them.

Emily either still needs, or wanted another body skill point, so to the gym she goes. (Remember in Megalahood we have community lot skilling.)  It almost appears this guy is giving her assistanace, like the coach.

Back in the dorm Tom shares grilled cheese with Emily.  She won't talk the cheese with him, but as it got further and further into the round she started wishing to eat grilled cheese nearly every day.

Tom finds a couple other people will also talk the cheese with him.  This dorm is actually filled with people willing to talk grilled cheese.  It's amazing how many sims will actually do that.

Then it's time for school work.  The forming couple do their assignments together.

Then they have a little flirt, and a date in the hall.  We finally have love.

Which mean Emily finally reaches that WooHoo wish she wanted so badly.

Tom's wishes got stuck, so we took him to a community lot where he found this girl will also talk grilled cheese.  Once he did this he went back home.

Where he promptly influenced the cook to make grilled cheese sandwhiches.

Emily's knowledge side hit full force after the woohoo want was met.  She studied with this blonde in the dorm.

Tom decided to see if we could shake up his wishes some more and went to the music center, where our dorm blonde was.  She actually will talk grilled cheese.

We also find that Jared Starchild (whom we haven't played yet) will also talk the cheese. We can see from these pictures Tom has adjusted his hair from brown to red.  Emily has a red hair turn on, so we decided to try it out.

10 hours before his final Tom suddenly wishes to make the dean's list.  He hasn't wished for skills, or anything to give himself skills the entire semester, but suddenly he cares.  So we quickly have him get his skills, and sit down to do an assigment before the final.

Emily changes her hair to brown, since Tom is turned off by black hair.  Suddenly we realize they have 2 bolts now.  Perhaps they can be happy together.

Emily works on her skills, getting a logic point this time.  So far she has kept up wishing for skills when she needs them and has been the perfect knowledge sim to go through university.  She had one quick wish to have 2 loves at the same time, but it quickly rolled away and hasn't come back.

Tom and Emily spend a lot of time together flirty and talking after class some days.

Some nights Tom even greats her like this.  These types of things have always been autonomous for them.  I have directed some specific interactions on dates, but mostly they have formed this all by themselves.

They spent almost the entire day together one day just talking, joking, dancing, etc.  They only stopped when they went to class.

Emily threw a wish to study Phisology, so I sat her down and had her do it.  It will make those body skills much easier in the future.

One morning, right before the end of the sophmore year, both kids woke up and wanted a kiss.  I happily obliged them and let them have a kiss together.  Both were very happy.


Emily Lee: After she got her woohoo she became incrediably easy.  Has maintained an A+ the entire way through school so far, and always wants to do an assignment, write a term paper and go to class almost every day.  She throws a handful of romantic wishes, and they go towards Tom.  Has only wished for that one woohoo.
Ending Wishes: Be Struck by Lightning, Ask Sim on Date, Write Term Paper, Do Assignment, Play Computer Game

Tom Freshe: Started out great.  Easy to get 5 wishes for most days.  Did have some buy me buy me wishes, but grilled cheese has taken over his life.  He NEVER wants to skill.  He wants to do school work, write papers, etc but does not want to get the skills in order to be successful.  The one semester he threw a wish to be on the Dean's list and so I took that to mean, he wanted the skills.  He has been influenced to clean at times to gain those skills when Emily wishes for it, but typically he does not.  I have directed a couple of times to have him use the chess table instead of the computer for a game, but I'm worried he is going to end up on academic probation in these next couple of years.  Right at the end of play, he started occasionally throwing wishes for non-grilled cheese items, so maybe he will get better.
Ending Wishes: Win a Dance Contest, Win a Game Competition, Win a Cooking Contest, Talk About Hobby, Perform Music for Tips


  1. nice to see some old familiar faces.

    1. It has been fun to play everyone. I recognize a lot of faces both from my plays and also other blogs. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

  2. Interesting to see the old familiar faces (like peachy commented above) in new constellation, as in my game, Tom Freshe got together with Ellen Frost and Emily Lee had a different partner, too.

    1. I often, as I play, go and see who you had get together just for fun. Normally I wouldn't have had these two get together, but wishes led to it, so therefore it is.

  3. Ah, Grilled cheese is such a good student food, and subject, apparently :D
    A great round to read, :)

    1. I was amazed by how many dormies will talk the cheese. I have so many sims who have rolled secondary grilled cheese it should be easy for all of them in the future to have people to talk to.