Monday, February 20, 2017

Desiderata Valley Completed

We have come to another completed hood in Megalahood.  Here are the number breakdowns for Desiderata Valley.

Total Sims in Desiderata Valley: 29
Alive: 29 Active
Dead: 0 deceased

Males: 14
Females: 15

Elders: 1
Adults: 19
Teens: 3
Children: 3
Toddlers: 1
Babies: 2

Primary Aspirations:
Family: 6
Fortune: 3
Knowledge: 4
Pleasure: 0
Romance: 1
Popularity: 8
Grilled Cheese: 1
Grow Up: 6

Secondary Aspirations:
Family: 6
Fortune: 1
Knowledge: 2
Pleasure: 3
Romance: 6
Popularity: 2
Grilled Cheese: 3
Grow Up: 6

Once again we have a pretty even mix between males and females in the hood so far.  A decent mix of aspirations, although once again no Pleasure sims (as a primary.)  Popularity seems to be the main aspiration here, although family is a close second. I find it pretty funny that the number of toddlers and babies between the two hoods we have played so far are exactly the same.  The hoods are pretty even at the moment.  Next up we are heading to university, Academia La Tour.


  1. How do you play the shopping district in this challenge? Is it its own hood?

    1. Yes. I found a cleaned Megahood...the link is in the Information, Rules, and Idea section if you want to look at it, and hooked up most of the hoods, and the shopping district, as shopping districts. So I will have Bluewater Village later in the play, and it will work just like the other "shopping districts" made up of the main hoods.