Monday, February 20, 2017

Round 1: Traveller (Season 1: Fall)

Traveller Household:

Trent Traveller: Knowledge/Family | LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind | First Wishes: Tina Get A+ Report Card, Get Tina into Private School, Be Best Friends with Tina (Traveller), Buy a Bookcase | First Fulfilled: Buy a Bookcase

Trisha Traveller: Popularity/Pleasure | LTW: Become Celebrity Chef | First Wishes: Be Friends with Tina (Traveller), Be Friends with Julien (Cooke), Reach Charisma Level 1, Get a job in the Slacker Career | First Fulfilled: Reach Charisma Level 1

Tina Traveller: Child | First Wishes: Buy a Lemonade Stand, Buy Electronic Entertainment, Buy a Telescope, Obtain a Pet | First Fulfilled; Buy a Telescope


Since the Traveller's came with Bon Voyage they rolled to move into this hood.  They have plenty of money and buy a house.  It isn't furnished, but that offers the ability to get a couple of wishes met right away.  Right after the house gets furnished Trent wants to WooHoo in a bed.  Since we meet these wants when they appear he and Trisha head to the bed after Tina walk's to school.

After some WooHoo Trent is the knowledge sim he was created to be and wants skill points.  So out to the chess table he goes, as I think he wanted Logic points specifically.

Trisha also wants a skill point, but she wants it in Charismas.  Neither of these two has a job, so we are looking out for their desired careers.  Trent's comes up pretty quickly, but nothing for Trisha.

After gaining her logic point she joins Trent at the chess table to gain a logic point.  By now, Trent just wants logic points building on each other, so they play until the welcome wagon shows up.

The welcome wagon includes Hannah Bell and Victor Aspir.  They have a pillow fight on the front porch of the house.  Pillow fights are VERY popular with sims.

When Tina comes home she wants to jump rope and earn a skill of some kind.  I love Knowledge sims for this, but also kids do it frequently too, where they want 2 things that can be met at the same time, relatively easily.

Then Tina wanted to do homework, and learn how to study.  Trent steps up, who is close with his daughter already and helps her learn how to study.  He didn't actually do much other than stand there, didn't say I have a feeling Tina already knew how, she just wanted moral support.

Trisha wants to play Kicky Bag, so she befriends Victor Aspir enough to play with him.  Right before this, Maddie something called and invited her downtown.  So she played until the taxi came to pick her up.

When we get downtown we realize Maddie is The Diva and she brought along Mr. Big as well.  They head into the club that was chosen.

Trisha talks up Maddie and in the other room, I noticed someone else come stalking in that Trisha might want to know.

Yes, the Contessa is here.  For a moment I thought she was going to bite this guy, the animation looked like it was happening, but then she didn't bite him, and went back to conversing.  I was surprised since I know they typically have to bite a playable first. Trisha was having trouble keep needs up so she went hope after chatting with the Contessa a couple of minutes.

Back at the house, Tina wanted to sell Lemonade.  So I let her. At first, just her dad came out, but some of the welcome wagon folks came out and bought some too.  Then Tina headed to sleep.  She struggles some with needs as well. (Editors Note: Since I don't "unlock" the needs perks first her like I do in the other hoods, I realize/remember how hard it can be to keep them up all the time.  It's an added challenge, which is fun.) 

The next morning, the second day of this house, Trisha runs into the bathroom.  Apparently, she also puts her head through the door in order to reach the toilet in time and throws up.  Apparently Risky decided to give these guys another child.

Then it's back to skilling for this family.  Tina always wants to jump rope, which tires her out but gives her fun and skills.

Later that night Trisha confirms what we already knew, she is pregnant.  No wonder her needs were tanking so much at the club.

Trent wished to use the telescope and so off he went.  I had a small worry that he might get abducted.  It would just be my luck that both parents would be pregnant at the same time, but luckily he just enjoyed the stars and went to bed.

Trisha still hasn't found a job, and being pregnant she doesn't have a lot of energy so she spends most of her days on the phone trying to become friends with people.  The early days of a "new" hood are hard since no one knows anyone.  Especially on pop sims.

Like father like daughter.  Both of these two love to skill together.  Although in this instance, Tina is fulfilling her Films and Literature hobby desires.  She loves to read books, and watch movies.

Maddie calls (I think) and invites Trisha downtown again.  This time we pick a restaurant so that Trisha can get some food this time while socializing.  They all get cake, and Trisha enjoys the company.

 Back at home, an infamous sim is playing chess with young Tina.  They seem to be talking about money.

Then Tina tries to talk to her about her hobby interests.  Nina is actually not interested and they lose some friendship points, but it met the wish for Tina none the less.

It's mid-way through the season and it's time for the baby to come.  Trisha, in the kitchen amazingly, gets up and goes into labor.  I'm sort of surprised she didn't run to the bathroom first since that seems to be the preferred place to give birth in this game.

The baby is born Thursday, July 11, 2004 (day 4) at 12:41 PM.  We discover that my baby naming site no longer gives the lists it used to, so after finding a new one, this baby is given the site popular name (vs the US pop name) #426.  It would have been fun if the list had given me a "T" name, but we have broken this trend now. Introducing Linnea Traveller.

Trisha, ever the pop sim, wants to throw a party to celebrate, so she invites just about everyone she knows.  Most of them show up for the party, including the Contessa who begins to smoke and leaves immediately.

Tina comes home with her first A+ report card and runs excitedly to tell her mom.  I didn't get a picture of it, but Trisha does go cheer for Tina a couple minutes after this.

Then it's back to the usual for Trisha, spending time on the phone.  She still hasn't found a career in Culinary, like she wants to, so she just stays home with the kids.

Wanting to "meet someone new" Trisha heads out and greets this red headed man.  I do not know what his name was anymore.

Trent brought someone home from work but didn't throw any wishes to interact with her, and so he studied instead.  Tina did her homework in the background.

This is a typical day her, Trent and Tina studying something, and Trisha on the computer looking for work.  It's a pretty standard sight in a pop/knowledge family.

Tina always wants to sell lemonade, and so she went out to see if she could be successful.  This woman, who was passing by, stopped and bought a cup.  It was very satisfying for Tina, especially since it's Fall and not a common time for lemonade stands.

Trisha wanted to throw another party, and it was time for Linnea to grow up.  So lots of people were invited over again.  Among them were Victor Aspir and Dora Ottomons.  I'm not sure WHAT happened here, but suddenly these two were crushing on each other.  This could cause some interesting stories later on.

But then it was time for little Linnea to no longer be a baby, but to become a toddler.  Trisha took her to the cake, and they blew out the candles.

Linnea is no longer a baby and is now a cute little toddler. Her looks are an interesting mix, and I'll be interested to see what she looks like as a child.  Her wishes upon growing up, Be Snuggled or Played with by either parent.  The first fulfilled, be snuggled by Trisha.

Still without a job, Trish continues to meet anyone she can.  This guy should be very familiar to most simmers.

Linnea wants to learn to talk, and so after meeting a couple other wishes first, Trisha sits down and teaches Linnea to talk.  Only one day with wishes and Linnea gets 5 right away.  Toddlers are rather easy to meet wishes for.


Trent Traveller: Trent was relatively easy to keep happy. A typically knowledge sim, earn a skill point, earn more and more and more.  He had a couple of rough days when his needs were just not letting him do everything he wanted.  Also started throwing the "see ghost" and "be saved from death" wishes towards the end.
Ending Wishes: Reach Creativity Level 5, Reach Cleaning Level 6, Be Save from Death, Reach Cooking Level 3

Trisha Traveller: Mostly an easy sim to keep happy.  She had so much time alone at the house to just talk on the phone constantly and had multiple outings to keep her pop wishes flowing.  Her pregnancy was hard on her, so the first day of that was mostly coping with needs dropping.
Ending Wishes: Have a Party, Ask Sim on Date, Be Best Friends with Nina (Caliente), Serve Food

Tina Traveller: One of the harder kids to keep happy for me.  She wanted to do lots of things around pets, but they would spin away pretty quick, so we tried to meet all her skill, and hobby desires. She also went to bed really early if I wasn't watching her, and her fun plummeting like kids will, made it hard some days to reach her wants.
Ending Wishes: Grow Up Well, Be Best Friends with Glen (Cleveland), Get A+ Report Card, Be BFF with Trent (Traveller)

Linnea Traveller: Become a toddler right at the end of the round, and reached 5 wishes that day.  She takes after her father in hair color, but it's hard to tell who she'll take after as she gets older.
Ending Wishes: Be Talked To by Trent (Traveller), Be Played with by Trent (Traveller), Be Snuggled by Trent (Traveller), Be Talked To by Trisha (Traveller)


  1. It's been so long since I have played the Travellers that it was really nice to see them again!
    As for an Alien abduction, I don't think it can happen with the small telescope. As far as I know, it works only with the big one.
    Funny to see the Diva and Mr. Big all dressed up at the club, and Trisha tagging along in her hiking outfit and rucksack :-D
    Nice to see some of the other familiar playables, too, like Pascal Curious!

    1. Thanks for coming and reading. It was a fun round for them. Such a cute family and it's growing now. I'm excited to see what Tina and Linnea will do in the future.

  2. Linnea is a very common name in Sweden. Nice to see how successful you were with the Travellers!

    1. The Traveller's are a fun family. I have enjoyed seeing how the Maxis made sims behave, using the wishes, cause it's not always what you would expect. Risky gave them Linnea pretty fast, but I hope she will be a fun addition.