Sunday, February 19, 2017

Round 1: Jocque (Season 1: Fall)

Jocque Household:

Marcel Jocque: Family/Popularity | LTW: Become Head of SCIA | First Wishes: Have a Baby, Play With, Entertain, Work Out on Exercise Machine | First Fulfilled: Work Out on Exercise Machine

Sophia Jocque: Popularity/Family | LTW: Become Hand of Poseidon | First Wishes: Be Best Friends with Carlos (Contender), Be Best Friends with Violet (Jocque), Get Fit, Have a Party | First Fulfilled: Be Best Friends with Violet (Jocque)

Violet Jocque: Popularity/Romance | LTW: Become Prestidigitator | First Wishes: Be Best Friends with Justin (Cleveland), Go to College, Sneak Out with Justin (Cleveland), Go Out with Justin (Cleveland) | First Fulfilled: Sneak Out with Justin (Cleveland)


The season and round begins with Sophia working to become best friends with her daughter Violet.  They play some Red Hands and talk on the back porch.

Since Sophia is a popularity sim, she spends a ton of time on the phone.  She manages to become best friends with someone else. I don't remember who it is.

Sophia greats most passerby's which meets the need of wanting to meet someone new.

Marcel wanting to gain a Charisma skill point and spends some time in the mirror

When the welcome party showed up everyone enjoyed playing some pool in their pool room.  The pool table means this might be one of the first houses I have ever had that could get the pool scholarship.

I don't remember if they had the bird, or if Marcel wished for the bird cage and a bird. However, Marcel wishes to play with the bird, who's name is Knife.  I'm not sure why that's the name, I played this part well before I finished the house.

Violet manages to sneak out with Justin, which met a big wish for her.  Her and Justin have 2-bolts of attraction and may end up being an item depending on how the round goes. Justin shows up it a cute little sporty car.

Marcel is back to playing with Knife.  He spends many waking hours playing with him.

Violet spends some time playing chess and building up a bit of logic.  She is a popularity sim, but is having a little trouble meeting wishes, since she doesn't have a ton of friends. 

Marcel has managed to get a promotion.  He is doing well in the Intelligence career so far.

Violet wanted to go buy a cell phone, so out she went.  She didn't stay long but did end up also buying some groceries for her family.

Sophia wants to work out almost every morning.  She was "fat" when we first started this house, butu she is slimmed down and is almost at the "fit" level.

Violet wanted to ask a sim out on a date, and since her only real love interest is Justin, he is the one she calls.  They are soon best friends, and then they start to crush on each other.

The place where they went for their date also had a pool table, and so they played a round of pool.  Violet is getting decently good at pool already.

Violet wanted to fall in love with Justin, and before long she was.  After another flirt Justin was in love with Violet as well.

Violet wanted to throw a party and invited most people she knew over.  The party was a great success.

In the middle of the party, however, Geoff Rutherford calls and invites Violet out for an outing.  Since we always accept these now she heads off with Justin.  They head to the park and a good portion of the group went home.

Violet decides to chat with Gabriel Green.  She is close to being friends with him by the time she ends the outing.  It ends up being a fun outing for all.

Marcel plays more with Knife and he has actually earned enough Nature enthusiasim to get invited to the secret hobby lot.

Suddenly Marcel holds a wish for a Womrat.  So a new Womrat habitat is bought, and a new Womrat named Havok is purchased.  Marcel loves his new little Womrat and wants to play with him and Knife all the time.

Geoff brings over an outing gift of a game system.  This is great for Violet to gain some additonal fun after school.

Sophia wanted to throw a party and invited her best friends over.  She isn't friends with all of them yet, but she is working on it day by day.

Violet also keeps throwing wishes to meet new people, and runs out to greet this passerby.  Most simmers will know who this is, and I'm excited to play her in the future.

Justin calls during the party and invites Violet out for a date, and so she goes.  Strangly, right after accpeting the date her phone rings again and she is invited on an outing.  She accepts both, because that's what we do here, and I wasn't sure what would happen.  Turns out she just went on the date.

Back at the house, Sophia is happy to have thrown a great party.  It ended up being a Roof Raiser.  Sophia is earning her friends one long step at a time.

Violet wasn't throwing many reachable wishes to end the week, so she heads out to the sport's park to see if we can shake them up some.  She spends some time playing basketball before heading home.

And there we end our first season with the Jocque's family.  The adults didn't wish for many interactions together so we will have to see if additional children will be added or not in the future.


Marcel: A sim easy to get at least some wishes for every day, but not easy for a full 5 all the time.  For a family sim he wanted almost no interactions with his family, but wanted pets, and to interact with them all the time.  He also spent a lot to time wishing to do hobby things, most of which he wasn't high enough in that hobby to achieve.
Ending Wishes: Be Best Friends with Elizabeth (Aspir), Buy a Tent, Obtain a Pet, Buy a Compost Bin

Sophia: Wanted everything fitness.  Wanted to work out all the time, and then be friends or best friends with everybody.  Probably the easiest sim to get mostly high scores for each day.  Had a couple days that were tougher, but over all pretty easy.
Ending Wishes: Talk about Hobby, Work Out on Exercise Machine, Go Jogging, Go Ice Skating 

Violet: The hardest sim to keep happy by far.  Wished for best friends from everyone she met, which takes time, and normally more than a days worth of interaction.  She did ok some days, but others were just nearly impossible.
Ending Wishes: Be Best Friends with Gabriel (Green), Meet Someone New, Be Best Friends with Elizabeth (Ng), Be Best Friends with Hannah (Bell)


  1. It is so nice to see the Jocques in their original set-up! In my game, the last member of the Jocque family (Violet) died in April 2014, so the name has completely died out in my megahood.
    Funny how some Sims seem to act not in line with their aspiration, isn't it! Such as Marcel, a Family Sim, hardly wanting to do anything involving his family.

    1. I actually forgot he was a family sim while I was playing. All he wanted was animal interactions. It will be interesting to see where wishes takes them.

  2. It's fun to play 5-wishes, the game takes turns you might not have chosen as a player :)

    1. It's so true! I have really enjoyed playing this hood in wishes style. I think it's a fun way to play a Megahood. There are so many sims that it keeps me from having to decide what they do...most of the time. Thanks for reading. :)